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Best Portable On Ear Headphone Showdown

"For this showdown we decided to look for the best portable on ear headphone in the £200 to £300 price range. "

portable showdown

For this showdown we decided to look for the best portable on ear headphone in the £200 to £300 price range, and for the next month we are offering 10% off all of the headphones mentioned - just add the code 'showdown2014' to your checkout for this offer!

For us there were three contenders:

  • Sennheiser Momentum
  • Aedle VK-1
  • KEF M500

We found that they all had their own qualities and sound signatures but there was one that stood out as the overall favourite – here is a break down of our reviews for each headphone:

Sennheiser Momentum

The Full-size Momentum from Sennheiser is the big brother to the smaller on-ear Momentum; the last word in luxurious, portable listening with sumptuous earpads made from real leather. These headphones are fantastic for separation, and they have a very wide soundstage which belies their closed back design. Sound isolation is high; the leather pads excel in keeping unwanted noises out, while social isolation is low due to the handy Apple mic and controls.

Read the full review HERE.

Aedle VK-1

A great newcomer to the Portable Headphone range – The Aedle VK-1 has real punch with weighty bass and cracking midrange. Not only do they sound exciting, they look it too! They are easy enough to drive off a portable device and are very comfortable. So if your looking for a portable on ear headphone with an exciting sound, great bass and stylish looks then look no further.

Read the full review HERE.

KEF M500

KEFs addition to the portable range of headphones is sleek, comfortable and most importantly sounds great! Clear detail with tight bass and crisp mids – They also fold up for easy storage and come with a spare cable for iDevices. The KEF M500 is extremely well built and feels solid, the pads are soft and they isolate very well.

Read the full review HERE.

Final Verdict

The KEF M500 is our overall favourite!

Ultra portability with their folding design, tough carry case and great isolation along with clear crisp sound makes them the ultimate portable headphone.

kef m500


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