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Campfire Audio Custom IEMs - Equinox and Solstice

"Having already become well known for their universal models, Campfire Audio has now released the new Solstice custom IEM – and along with the Equinox, Campfire Audio has two seriously good custom options available."

Campfire Audio Custom In Ear Monitors - Equinox and Solstice

Campfire Audio is quite possibly the hottest boutique IEM brand out there, already gaining a name for themselves for their superbly built, beautifully designed IEMs with sound quality packed full of passion and character.

Having already become well known for their universal models, Campfire Audio has now released the new Solstice custom IEM – and along with the Equinox, Campfire Audio has two seriously good custom options available.

Superb Build Quality

The build of both the Equinox and Solstice are very similar, with slight detail differences. Both are made with a polished stainless steel housing and then moulded solid black acrylic, for that smooth and comfortable custom fit. The combination of black and silver is unique and very striking. The shape of the back plate is different for each model. The Equinox is circular, and the Solstice is angular – almost hexagonal. Then inside is where the models really differ.

The Campfire Audio Equinox is based on their Atlas universal IEM. Like the Atlas, the Equinox uses a single full range 10mm dynamic driver, and the A.D.L.C. or Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon driver has been tweaked slightly – so there is a touch less thumping sub-bass when compared to the Atlas.

campfire audio equinox Campfire Audio Equinox

The newest addition to Campfire Audio’s custom range is the Solstice. This time they have decided to draw on the Andromeda model, with 5 balanced armature drivers inside each housing. The Solstice also comes with Campfire’s very own T.A.E.C. or Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber which gets the very most out the higher frequencies.

campfire audio solstice Campfire Audio Solstice

Both models are supplied with a choice of cables, which can be chosen during the buying process. The standard smokey litz cable options are 3.5mm stereo, 2.5mm balanced and 4.4mm balanced. Then there are two artist options. Both use the smokey litz cable, but the artist version is 18” longer, and there is the choice of replacing the grey MMCX moulds with red and blue moulds for the right and left connectors.

Made-to-fit Perfectly

Being a custom IEM, you can expect the fit to be as close to perfect as possible. Campfire Audio are very confident in their build process, and as long as the ear impressions are done well – the IEMs are made to a very high and consistent standard.

Campfire Audio is aware that custom IEMs are not just for pro users, music lovers use them too. With this in mind, Campfire offers two types of fit – Artist Fit and Audiophile Fit.

The audiophile fit has a shallow seal depth, so they won’t go as far into the ear canal as traditional pro customs do. This makes the IEMs more comfortable for longer listening sessions, and easier to wear for a range of different uses from home listening, to a work commute or studio mix-down.

The artist fit sticks to a more traditional, deeper fit. This is important for pro users as it provides a much greater seal, giving a more secure fit and improved isolation for live settings.

campfire audio equinox Campfire Audio Equinox

Sound Quality

With the Equinox and Solstice, Campfire Audio has created a custom IEM to suit a number of different needs. For those who prefer a big and luxurious sound, with low end thump and rich detail that’s packed full of smooth layers – then the single dynamic driver Equinox will be the one to consider.

On the other hand, the Solstice is for those who favour transparency and cleanliness. Like the Andromeda, the five balanced armature drivers provide a well balanced sound that leans towards the higher frequencies. Sound comes across effortlessly with an organic and natural feel to it.

campfire audio equinox and solstice Campfire Audio Equinox and Solstice

Having only tried universal versions of the custom range, I can’t go into more detail when it comes to the sound. Saying that, if you already have an understanding of the Atlas and Andromeda models, then that will give you a very clear idea of what to expect from the Equinox and Solstice customs. And we will be holding the universal version of both the Equinox and Solstice – so you could always book a demo with us to try them.

Final Thoughts

Here’s where I normally mention the competition, and even though brands like 64 Audio, Ultimate Ears and JH Audio are all making some of the finest pro IEMs out there – none are doing what Campfire Audio has managed to achieved. Not only is the design of the Equinox and Solstice completely unique – breaking the all too familiar mould of custom IEM design. They also offer a lot more than their competitors. Whether you’re a musician or music lover, there’s an option for you. And I’m not aware of any other high end custom IEM brand making a single dynamic model – this is definitely something that Campfire Audio has perfected.

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