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Dunu DN-2000 Review - High Quality Hybrid

"Dunu's in-ear offerings are as numerous as they are interesting, but the current cherry on the top, the Dunu DN-2000, takes the cake."

dunu dn2000


It's easy to get a bit weighed down amongst all the extra bits and attachments that are included with the Dunu DN-2000, but they are all worth trying for greater comfort and a more 'bespoke' sound. The hybrid driver arrangement really works to deliver a very engaging and detailed presentation which never strays into harsh territory, and the case is certainly something we'd like to see included with premium IEMs more in the future.


  • Exceptionally sweet sound
  • Plenty of accessories
  • Options to tailor the frequency response
  • Options to alter fit
  • Good solid case


  • Tuning rings can be lost
  • Casing can cause discomfort if earfins not used


If you've heard some of Dunu's entry-level earphones such as the DN-12 Trident you might be curious about how the in-ear Dunu flagship, the DN-2000 measures up. Dunu's in-ear offerings are as numerous as they are interesting, but the current cherry on the top, the DN-2000, takes the cake.

Key Features

Like its stablemate the DN-1000, the DN-2000 has a hybrid driver format but packs two balanced armatures and one dynamic driver in per side giving the best of both sonic worlds, like the similarly priced Audiofly AF140.

Accessories are bountiful, with both tuning rings and tips to alter the frequency response, and rubber attachments for improved comfort and fit in the ears. Also included is a pair of earhooks to try and the usual 6.35mm/flight adapters.

dunu dn2000

First Impressions

Expectations have certainly been raised by the quality of Dunu's other products, namely the excellent budget model the DN-12 'Trident' and DN-1000; the other hybrid design. For the asking price these have been nothing short of stunning, so the DN-2000 has its work cut out.

Once a preferred combination of tuning rings and tips was found (silver ring, and tip for 'detail and resolution'), I felt it necessary to try the rubber attachments. These are secured by a small ridge of metal much like a penclip, which ironically can cause a little discomfort if the rubber parts are not used. The rubber parts help to keep the capsules steady in the ear, and certainly make for a comfortable and trouble-free listening session. A down side is the tendancy of the tuning rings to try and escape back to China when the eartips are removed. Just take care and don't fiddle with the DN-2000 when using ski-lifts for example.

The hard case is also a nice feature. It reminds me of a travelling case for a bar of very valuable soap; it's very solid and will protect the DN-2000 very well when in transit.

Sound Quality

Bass is fully present and in good proportion to the rest of the presentation with good punch and definition; it stays in place and leaves the midrange and high frequencies free to be the stars of the show for me. Decays are very realistic in terms of perceived space, and the DN-2000 leaves plenty of room in the presentation for these to be followed around by hungry ears! Treble is fairly bright albeit still smooth; mostly the DN-2000 stops short of being too bright but on some tracks there may be a touch of sibilance with female vocals, for instance.


For the asking price the DN-2000 is a worthy competitor; it will certainly hold its own amongst the other models in that price range and gives a bit more colour to it, given that a majority of alternatives are full balanced-armature models. I welcome the DN-2000 as much as I welcome a further example of a hybrid driver design being implemented so well; loving as I do the different strengths of the different transducer types, it's a real treat to have both at once. Like a baked Alaska or a sweet and sour stir-fry, there's a real synergy going on here.

Score: 9/10

dunu dn2000

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