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DUNU DN-2002 Quad Hybrid Driver Earphone Review

"The DUNU DN-2002 offer a very coherent sound, everything is there and well balanced. They are not neutral, but natural and balanced sounding."

DUNU DN-2002

DUNU DN-2002 Earphone Review

With the DUNU DN-2002, they have made a very coherent sounding IEM, that impresses with its clarity, natural tone and larger than normal soundstage.


  • Resolution
  • Extension on both ends


  • Comfort (size and weight)
  • Cable is not easy to remove

Aesthetics, Build Quality and Accessories

The DN-2002 are and odd looking IEM, it is easier to see in the pictures than to describe them. They don't look bad, but they are quite big as they have managed to get 2 dynamic drivers, and 2 balanced armatures into them.

Build quality is excellent as with the rest of the Dunu line, the housing is metal, the cable is detachable and feels well built with good strain relief. These will last a long time.

DUNU DN-2002

Accessories again are plentiful, Dunu are well known for including a wide array of accessories and these are no exception. You get some ear-hooks that should help them stay in your ear and relieve some of the weight, you get a pack of various Spinfit tips, a pack or regular silicone tips, and a pair of Comply tips. Also included is a jack adaptor and a cable clip, all the accessories are held in a neat hard plastic case.

Comfort and Isolation

The DUNU DN-2002 are metal and heavy with all those drivers inside, I personally have small ears and they are not the best fitting for me. They stick out quite far and do not have the most secure fit. If you have slightly larger ears I can see these fitting fine, but once I have a good seal they fit fine.
They can be worn with the cable straight down, or over the ear.

Isolation is perfectly fine for on the go use, but do not block out as much as fully sealed models.

DUNU DN-2002


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  • Bass

The bass on the DN-2002 is well placed with effortless extension right down to the sub-bass. The dynamic drivers are working well here giving the sound a natural tone. What I like with these is that they don't suffer from a mid bass hump, the bass is linear and the sub-bass response is very impressive.

  • Mids

The DUNU DN-2002 has crystal clear mids with no bleed from the bass, they are very transparent and true to the source. Another thing that stands out in the mids is the separation and layering, you can easily pick apart the recording and hear all the details.

  • Treble

The treble is smooth with great extension, these never become bright or strident but the detail is there. No real issues with the treble, it is present and very well controlled and detailed without grain or splashiness.

  • Soundstage

One of the standout features of the DN-2002, it is very wide and expansive with excellent placement and air around each instrument. The separation and imaging is all so precise.

DUNU DN-2002


The DUNU DN-2002 offer a very coherent sound, everything is there and well balanced. They are not neutral, but natural and balanced sounding. The extension on both ends, and the expansive soundstage are what will grab you first, but listen closer and the resolution of the sound will impress too. Now if only they were a little smaller.

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