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Fidue A65 In Ear Headphone Review

"The A65 gives the impression of a long-lasting earphone which will be a solid performer for a good long while. Despite its relatively entry-level pricing, the Fidue A65 looks as if it can withstand a fair amount of use and abuse."


Fidue A65 In Ear Headphone Review - A Load of Fun for Half a Ton

Fidue A65

These days, you could almost pick a number and it would coincide with the model of a Fidue earphone's name. But along with quantity there remains quality; something that Fidue is obviously keen to preserve in its lineup. The Fidue A65 is certainly in the midst of the budget price category, but stands tall in terms of sound quality.


  • Decent cable with mic included
  • Well rounded, weighty sound
  • Good soundstage


  • Lack of cinch on cable

Design and Appearance

The A65 has sturdy feeling and attractive metal capsules with a brushed copper texture, which looks like someone's wound some copper wire tightly around them. Not inappropriate, since the A65 is driven by a copper winding-powered dynamic driver for a decent bass sound which starts low! The button/mic cable and jack is much the same as the higher-priced Fidue A73; a good quality rubber coated affair with decent strain reliefs.

As with most of Fidue's models, there's a small mic/button remote on the cable but nothing too intrusive for those who do not require it.

Fidue A65

Durability and Build quality

The A65 gives the impression of a long-lasting earphone which will be a solid performer for a good long while. Despite its relatively entry-level pricing, the A65 looks as if it can withstand a fair amount of use and abuse; there's no exterior plastic to be found other than the rubber-like material making up the strain reliefs, making it pleasing in a tactile way too.


Comfort shouldn't be an issue; the Fidue A65 can be worn with the cable down or over the ears depending on the wearer's preference, and these particular pearls are light and small enough to nestle well in anyone's shell-like. The cable does lack a cinch (slidey bit) as do many Fidue IEMs, not a deal breaker but some may miss this feature.

Sound isolation

Isolation is fair, this depends of course on how well they fit the individual but isolation is good enough to take the wearer's mind off of anything which might spoil the fun.

Sound characteristics

Using the Chord Hugo DAC/Amp standard, the Fidue A65 belies its sub £50 position in terms of sound as well as build. The overall impression is one of a fun sound, but not at the expense of refinement.

  • Bass

Bass is great on the A65, and that's great in the older sense of the word too; the quality is punchy and quantity is perfectly balanced. It starts low and provides a solid foundation, but never loses control.

  • Mids

Midrange is slightly laid back, but this is not really noticeable since the bass is so nicely controlled. There's a very nice impression of space in the presentation. Vocals and harmonics seem larger than life in terms of definition and presence without being forced.

  • Treble

There is a certain amount of graininess here in terms of clarity, but this doesn't mean that there's any roughness or noise. Things are smoothed off slightly so the Fidue A65's talents are made the most of whilst still keeping a good balance between bass and treble. The overall impression is of an earphone at at least twice the price which this earphone is offered at.

Fidue A65

Soundstage and Separation

Another excellent feature is the depth and width of presentation, with the clarity of the midrange stepping in to do its part. Harmonics and their accompanying instruments/parts take a step forward and vie for attention where the listener may not expect them, and it all feels completely natural.

Music genres good for and why

Rock music is one which should be mentioned first as the exceptional midrange is perfect for guitars and vocals. Pop, dance and hip-hop are also well served, with an expansive bass and good detail without any danger of sibilance to get in the way.

Classical fans may miss a little top-end resolution and detail, but the width and harmonics which come through make up for this.


Fidue's no stranger to introductions, and they're certainly presenting a challenge to this reviewer; there's only so many ways of stating that something is good. If only it was as easy to trawl the English language for original words as Fidue finds talent and fine sound to put in its earphones!


Fidue A65

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