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Final A8000 Review

"Final have made an earphone that offers real insight into the recording you are listening to, with an incredibly resolving and transparent sound signature."

Aesthetics and Build Quality:

Final have always known how to make a luxury item, and the A8000 is no different. From the careful packaging, to the flawless finish of the stainless housings, everything feels very solid and made with care. Inside of the A8000 you have a pure beryllium dynamic driver along with 4 main internal chambers. These have been meticulously tuned and built, and it shows.

In the box you get the earphones paired with Finals silver plated cable (made by Junkosha corportation) terminating in a normal 3.5mm jack, a carry case that is half aluminium and half rubber along with a pack of Final Type-E tips. The tips are key to getting the right sound out of the A8000, and I really do recommend you stick with the Final tips for the best sound quality. Also included are spare mesh grills in case the stock ones get dirty/blocked over time and an MMCX Assist removal tool which massively helps when detaching the cables.

Comfort and Isolation:

The outer shell is angled like the B series, and the inner side is smooth. However these are made out of stainless steel and feel heavy in your hand, when you have the right fit though they are superbly comfortable and do not fall out.

The A8000 are vented by design, but I have not found the isolation to suffer greatly from this. They block out plenty of outside noise, and should be fine for most daily tasks.


Bass: The A8000 is accurate and tight down low, you have excellent extension with good punch when required. They aim to stay faithful to the recording, and are not exaggerated in any part of the low end. If the recording has a sub-bass lift you will hear it, the same goes for mid-bass punch. Where these really impress is their transient response and layering, the beryllium driver is so responsive yet intricately layered to the point they can handle the most complex mix you can throw at them with ease. If you appreciate quality and dexterity over quantity you will really enjoy what the A8000 have to offer down low.

Midrange: Due to the responsive nature of the low end on the A8000, the midrange is left clean of any added warmth or detail robbing distortion. This allows both male and female vocals to cut through with excellent clarity with a slight tilt to the upper midrange. Again the transient response, and low distortion levels of the beryllium shine through allowing you to hear each intricate detail and layer of the recording. Quantity wise the midrange sits perfectly for my tastes, and never sounds too forward or attention grabbing. Sibilance wise, if the recording has it, the A8000 will not hold back, but they are not overly fatiguing in the upper midrange.

Treble: There is a bit of a peak in the lower treble that brings out a bit of energy in cymbal crashes, but they back it up with effortless extension that reaches way up into the upper treble region without any noticeable roll-off. The great thing about the treble on the A8000 is that if you feed them good quality source material they will reward you with a very enjoyable sound that is effortlessly detailed yet never harsh. However the level of detail they extract can make some recordings sound particularly bad, as these really are ruthlessly revealing.

There is a very wide and convincing soundstage from the A8000, pair that with impeccable timing and control and you can easily pick apart recordings. These are one of those earphones that make you realise you don't have to have full-size headphones for a convincing and wide soundstage.


The A8000 are a very special earphone, overall they have a very clean, complete and revealing sound signature that will have you noticing every intricate detail of your music without presenting it in an aggressive and upfront way. They sound engaging, effortless and airy. They won't be for everyone, but for those who appreciate an honest sound they are quite addictive and I am a big fan of them for that.


Sound: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Value: 4/5

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