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SoundMAGIC P55 V3.0 Review

"The new P55 V3.0 are a serious contender in the sub £100 on-ear headphone range, and well worth taking a closer look at."

SoundMAGIC P55 V3.0


Aesthetics, Build Quality and Accessories:

The new P55 V3.0 have quite a mature and sophisticated look that is sleek and understated. The design is similar to a lot of on-ear headphones, they are not flashy but they have a fairly high end feel to them.


The build quality is top notch, with a mainly metal frame and detachable 3.5mm cable these are perfect for your daily commute. The cable uses a standard 3.5mm jack, so replacements will be easy to come by, along with the P55 V3.0 coming with 2 cables in the box anyway. These are a really solid on-ear headphone, especially for the price.


The P55 V.30 come with a carry case to keep them safe in your bag along with 2 cables, one with a mic and controls, one that is audio only. Also included is a Skype adapter for using them with a PC that has separate mic and headphone sockets.



These are not light due to the metal construction, but they are also not what I would call heavy. The clamping force strikes the right balance between providing a secure fit and not being tight and uncomfortable. The earpads are plus, and the headband doesn’t dig into the top of your head. These are not the kind of headphones you sit back for hours in a comfy chair with, but they are excellent for general use and I can easily wear them for a couple of hours.



Bass: The bass on the P55 V3.0 is really punchy and has excellent body to it. It really does an excellent job of allowing you to hear and focus on the bass line of tracks, without masking details. Yes, the bass is slightly emphasised, but for on the go use this is an advantage, and the fact they never sound bloated is a huge bonus. The don’t just punch hard, they also dig deep into the sub-bass with ease. These are about fun, and they deliver on that promise, with a dynamic and engaging sound.


Midrange: The midrange sits slightly behind the bass in absolute presence, but it is far from being recessed. Vocals cut through the mix with great clarity, guitars have good tonality and everything is quite well presented. There is a little bleed from the bass which does affect the lower midrange a tiny bit but this is easily overlooked when the overall sound is this good. Female vocals do have a slight edge, due to a slight uplift in the upper midrange, but the transition into the treble region is fairly smooth with only a hint of sibilance.


Treble: The treble has not been forced to take a backseat on these, giving them a good sense of balance overall. The great thing about the treble on these is the way they are not boosted in the lower treble. There is not a focus on bringing out the initial impact, but more on bringing out air and extension in music. Every cymbal tap and crash is well defined, without sounding sharp.


The P55 V3.0 manage to handle everything you throw at them, they do not have a massive soundstage but the separation and spatial imaging makes up for this.


SoundMAGIC have created a rugged, stylish and great sounding on-ear headphone for less than £100. The sound is full, fun and engaging. There is a bit of emphasis on the bass, but there is enough detail in the midrange, and presence up top to make them well balanced overall. These could be the best sub £100 on-ear headphone out at the moment.

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