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  • Dita Dream Earphone Review

    The Dita Dream are a fun sounding IEM where everything is on a level playing field, nothing sticks out and nothing is missing. They are incredibly detailed, yet not analytical, however they do allow great insight into the recording should you want to analyse it.

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  • Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones - Truth Edition - Review

    The Answer Truth Edition is a dynamically driven IEM with a single 10mm driver; Dita Audio wanted to go for the simplest design in order to deliver the purest audio, according to their literature. Since balanced armature technology requires crossovers, multiple drivers and all the related gubbins, Dita went for the less complicated dynamic route.

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  • New DITA Audio Answer Truth Edition

    Now availiable, both The Dita Audio Answer, and the Answer Truth Edition are availiable to buy on Hifiheadphones. Or if you need to audition them before purchase, you can book an appointment at our demo room on the south coast near Brighton.!

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