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Trinity Audio Vyrus Earphone Review - Get The Bug!

"For the asking price, the Trinity Audio Vyrus is very good value; the inclusion of the filters makes these earphones perfect for those who want to experiment and find out what different tunings can do for their music."

Trinity Audio Vyrus Earphone Review

Trinity Audio Engineering hails from the good old UK and has had various Kickstarter-backed offerings lately. Due to the success of these, the brand is now gaining traction and is spreading throughout the population. So, does the Trinity Audio Vyrus require quarantining, or is it not to be sneezed at?



  • Nice selection of accessories
  • Decent case
  • Tuneable sound
  • Braided cables


  • Nozzles can be fiddly


trinity audio vyrus


Design and Appearance

The Trinity Audio Vyrus looks pretty good with braided cable, metal jack/Y-split and capsules all vying for our attention - but the nozzles are a point of interest. These are removable and can be changed for a pair of the included alternatives. Generally, purple for more upper mids/treble, and silver for more bass and a 'V' shaped sound. The gunmetal nozzles (fitted when new) are neutral.

Also there's a decent amount of eartips to ensure there's no problem with depositing these Vyruses in your ears, and a funky triangular case for storage/travel. There's some nice extras too. Since the Vyrus can be worn with either the cable dangling down from, or going over the ear, then there is an extra cable for those who prefer the latter option; this has bendy bits for keeping the Vyrus in place over the ears. Also there's a 90 degree jack adapter (the jacks on the cables are straight) and the usual 6.35mm adapter/shirt clip.


trinity audio vyrus


Durability and Build Quality

There are no weak points here; it all seems up to the job with a decent knurled metal jack, nicely braided cables which are supple and strain reliefs at the jack.


Comfort is decent for an in-ear design; particularly if the 'over the ear' wearing method is used, the earphones are firmly planted and can be forgotten, leaving just the music.

Sound Isolation

Isolation can be very good; just be aware that this can depend on the way in which the earphones are worn. With a little experimentation, a good seal between ear and eartip can be achieved with the included tips.


trinity audio vyrus


Sound Quality

The tuning can be tweaked using the supplied nozzles; there are four basic types to take us from enhanced bass (silver), through neutral (gunmetal) and treble/neutral (gold) to the bright dizzy highs of the treble filters (purple). For this review the neutral/gunmetal filters are used, but changing these does make a noticeable difference in either direction toward a brighter, clearer sound or a smoother, bassier one.

  • Bass

Bass has a nice rounded quality; not too tight or too loose. It reaches low, and those kick drums or that double bass can really cut through the mix and make the floor shake. It might have some power but is well behaved; midrange is unaffected.

  • Mids

Lots of space here; reverb is allowed to decay in a leisurely way which is quite a treat, but then the slightly blunted harmonic detail here helps it along (this is with neutral filters don't forget). Vocals are similarly mellow, but clear.

  • Treble

Treble is well balanced with the rest of the presentation; it's laid back but pleasant, with percussion and hi hats making their mark without causing any uncomfortable peaks in the frequency response.

  • Soundstage and Separation

Soundstage is good; some instruments can jump out from behind others to give the ears a pleasant little nudge. Very nice, along with separation/imaging which is very cohesive - this is improved by use of the treble filters.



The bass or neutral filters make the Trinity Audio Vyrus ideal for pop, R&B and dance music. With the treble filters, classical, acoustic or jazz gets a good treatment - these are some versatile earphones!

For the asking price, the Trinity Audio Vyrus is very good value; the inclusion of the filters makes these earphones perfect for those who want to experiment and find out what different tunings can do for their music. For the same reasons, these earphones make a perfect gift for your exacting friends or relatives; so give someone a Vyrus today!


trinity audio vyrus

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  • mr rollin

    just picked up a 1.50 pair of headphones from primark near the till they are so good its unbelievable ive had them for a week now and i just had to post this somewhere usually would expect them to be breaking the volume is 10 times higher than any other headphones ive had before i have to turn the volume down to almost minimum on youtube or its too loud! music sounds sick good bass and everything its bizarre just had to tell someone

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