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SoundMAGIC Vento P55 Closed Back Headphones with Replaceable Cable and Mic

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  • Highly detailed and accurate sound

  • Stainless steel and aluminium construction

  • Lightweight build and superior comfort for extended listening

  • Two replaceable cables for convenience and serviceability

  • Made for all smartphones

SoundMAGIC Vento P55 Closed Back Headphones with Replaceable Cable and Mic

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SoundMAGIC Vento P55

SoundMAGIC’s Vento P55 on-ear headphone represents the next stage in the evolution of the SoundMAGIC brand. Italian for “wind”, the name Vento was chosen by Head Designer, Tony Xu, to express the control the Vento P55 headphone has over moving air.

With a two year development period, the Vento is the first SoundMAGIC headphone where every single component is manufactured in-house. The proprietary driver has been developed from the ground up by SoundMAGIC’s team of expert engineers, and tweaked to deliver unrivalled precision and a vastly superior soundstage. Using an ultra-thin copper winding imported specially from Japan, the driver is able to deliver an accuracy and clarity that is normally reserved for high-end audiophile headphones.

With a stainless steel headband, aluminium earcups and soft leather ear pads, the SoundMAGIC Vento is designed to withstand daily use, but comfortable enough for extended listening sessions. The included hard case and travelling pouch offer two options for transporting and storing the Vento P55 headphones.


SoundMAGIC P55


Detailed and accurate sound
The Vento’s proprietary driver features ultra-thin copper winding for incredible detail retrieval.

Stylish looks
With a sleek stainless steel headband and brushed aluminium earcups, the Vento P55 is an understated but beautiful headphone.

Replaceable cable
The Vento features a replaceable cable, allowing the listener to switch between the included “C” cable that includes a mic and smartphone remote, and the regular cable. With spare cables available to purchase, this feature means that the Vento really is a headphone to keep for life.

Smartphone compatible
The included “C” cable is compatible with most smartphones and offers call answer, track start/stop, track skip and volume controls.




  • Drivers: 40mm, Neodymium Dynamic
  • Frequency range: 15Hz - 22kHz
  • Impedance: 35Ω
  • Sensitivity: 110dB
  • Maximum input power: 20mW
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Connector: Stereo 3.5mm 60° gold-plated jack plug
  • Weight: 285g


  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 16kHz
  • Sensitivity: -42dB at 1kHz


 SoundMAGIC P55



  • Highly detailed and accurate sound
  • Stainless steel and aluminium construction
  • Lightweight build and superior comfort for extended listening
  • Closed earcups for excellent noise isolation
  • Replaceable cable
  • Made for all smartphones
  • Integrated mic and smartphone remote
  • Skype/VOIP adaptor included


SoundMAGIC P55



  • SoundMAGIC Vento P55 on-ear headphones
  • Audio cable (1.2m)
  • “C” audio cable with mic and remote (1.2m)
  • VoIP adaptor
  • Phone adaptor
  • Hard case


Product TypeHeadphones
Feature KeywordClosed, Comfortable, Foldable, Hi-Fi, Lightweight, Microphone, Noise Isolation, On Ear, Over Head, Portable, Skype, Smartphone
Recommended UseDigital audio player, Game console, Mobile phone, PC multimedia, Portable audio system
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Included AccessoriesAudio cable (1.2m), “C” audio cable with mic and remote (1.2m), VoIP adaptor, Phone adaptor, Hard case, Soft carrying pouch
Part NumberP55-GY
Headphone Fit TypeOn Ear
Headphones TypeHeadphones - binaural
Cable EntrySingle Sided
Cable Length1.2m
Connector AngleAngled
Connector TypeHeadphones (3.5 mm stereo jack)
Detachable CableYes
Driver Size40mm
Driver TypeDynamic
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Earcup DesignClosed Back
Frequency Response15Hz - 22kHz
Headphones Form FactorOn Ear
Headphones TechnologyDynamic
Number of DriversNo
Sound Isolation (dB)No
Sound Output ModeStereo
Smartphone CompatibilityUniversal 1 Button
Smartphone ControlsCall Answer/Hangup, Music Track Fwd/Back, Volume Control
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)No
Wireless TechnologyNo

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Customer Reviews

Great sounding headphones
by Dominic on 04/12/2017
Had been considering a new pair of headphones for a while and noticed these on sale at a great price. Having owned SoundMAGIC ear buds previously, I knew they would not give a bloated, bass-heavy sound, which most other brands seem to favour.

On opening the packaging, I was impressed with both the number of cables included as well as the impressive looks of the headphones themselves. The build is very impressive for the price too.

The sound, at this early stage, is already impressive. The treble is clear but not harsh or overbearing and it allows the midrange to breath. The bass is substantial but well controlled and gives a good balanced sound overall.

Excellent headphones for indoor use
by genekh on 27/05/2017
Pros: Excellent build quality
Detailed sound
Great extension both ways
Sound is somewhat "clinical" and unforgiving to lower quality recordings
Cons: Isolation not that good for outdoor use
Sound is somewhat "clinical" and unforgiving to lower quality recordings

After burning these in for 100+ hours I did some critical listening and here are my impressions:
Bass: Well extended down and very controlled - not for bass heads
Mids: Very detailed and present, however not as intimate as I'd prefer it to be (I prefer more mid centric headphones)
Treble: Very detailed and extends well, not tiring however - not too sibilant either.
Soundstage: On the smallish side, placement is correct though.

Overall impressions - these are extremely well built and come with a variety of cables to suit many usage situations. Comfortable to wear. However, I doubt I'd use them outdoors as isolation is not that good.
Overall sound impression is very detailed and almost "clinical"/analytical, but not that musical - they don't sound exciting - they sound accurate - so accurate in fact that you'll hear every compression artefact and any defect in the recording which some other headphones would be more forgiving to.
Overall - I'd recommend for mostly indoor use to the lovers of analytical sound.
Totally Different to reviews - In a good way
by Magic ears on 25/05/2017
Decent Bass.
Intimate detailed mids.
Hearing lyrics not heard on Grado 80's.
Controlled treble.

Still burning these in.
Quality of construction is excellent.
Use code VENTOMAGIC for £100 discount
A very good value at £200...
by Dale on 17/05/2017
Excellent physical and sound quality, tuned perfectly for commutes and other portable use. I don't know what else to say, except that I've had a few headphones in the Vento's price range that weren't nearly as good. This one is a gem.
Top quality at an affordable price
by Dale on 07/05/2017
My detailed review will appear in the headphones forum, but my summary here is this: An amazing quality build and great looks, with the ideal amount of bass enhancement for use on public transport etc. The overall sound is excellent in outdoor/portable use, but may be a bit too bassy for critical hi-fi listening at home, unless a bass adjustment control is available. Highly recommended.
SoundMAGIC Vento P55 v Sennheiser Momentum
by Lukas on 17/11/2016
I have spent the last couple of weeks comparing the best portable on-ear headphones at around the £200 mark and came across the Vento P55 in my research. In the end it came down to the Vento P55 or the Sennheiser Momentum.

I did notice in my research that there was a failed release in November 2015 and there is a review by TrustedReviews from then that relates to a headphone that was never released. The headphone actually began being sold in August 2016 and the sound quality has changed completely. Check the posts on Head-fi.

The Vento P55 is very sturdily built, while remaining lightweight on the head. It has a lovely feel to it. The Vento is perfect for use out and about. I use it for walking to work each day.

This is one good value for money headphone. It feels like it should have a price tag nearer to £300.

Sound quality is exciting and detailed. Bass impact is solid and very well controlled.

SoundMAGIC have come up trumps with the Vento P55.
SoundMAGIC Vento P55 Headphone Quick Review by mark2410
by Mark on 10/09/2016
SoundMAGIC Vento P55 Headphone Quick Review by mark2410

Brief: SoundMAGIC goes premium.

Price: £190

Specifications: Drivers: 40mm, Neodymium Dynamic, Frequency range: 15Hz - 22kHz, Impedance: 35Ω, Sensitivity: 110dB, Maximum input power: 20mW, Cable length: 1.2m, Connector: Stereo 3.5mm °60 gold-plated jack plug, Weight: 285g

Accessories: Audio cable (1.2m), “C” audio cable with mic and remote (1.2m), VoIP adaptor, Phone adaptor, Hard case, Soft carrying pouch

Build Quality: Rather beautiful. They don’t look all that special in a photo but all those gun metal bits are all real metal. Its feels really most sumptuous in the hand.

Isolation: Meh. Its not really very isolating so I wouldn’t really want to use it around others nor will it block out very much. Fine for out and about but id be weary of using on a bus. Of course with music going still enough for you to get yourself run over if you aren’t looking.

Comfort/Fit: Fit was fine, comfort was a little less so. They do sit on your ears so after a couple of hours I wanted a break, physically and acoustically.

Aesthetics: These look rather more nice in person than in pics. In a photo you can’t really tell that those grey bits are real metal rather than plastic but up close I found them most appealing. Certainly if you want something show off to others, this doesn’t do that, they are distinctly unblingy.

Sound: Wow. Dazzelying brilliant a cacophonous extravaganza of excitement and mesmerising dazzle. The bass is super tight, lithe, so clean and punchy when you amp it well. Somewhat less so from a phone but still it feels very fast for a dynamic. The driver seems so light and agile. The mids are nice, I could do with more a PL-50 buttery yumminess as these are bit open and slightly dryer than id find ideal. Beautifully clear and can pair up very well with well recorded vocals. A very good semblance of scale, openness and grandeur. I would rather a bit more creamy and intimate presentation as it can feel a little coldly distant. The treble, the treble really is the star of the show. It’s insane, so talented, so fast, so ultra-cuttingly clean. It is just so spectacularly talented, so much refinement which is just as well because there is lots of it. In particular the extension here is very much more so than most. It has a highly energetic far high end and it’s incredible. It’s so praise worthy but my word, it was ever so tiring on my ears. So spectacular, so desperately capable but this could never be my only headphone. Like sucking a lemon these are something so clean, tart and refreshingly intense. It just can’t seem to do chill and mellow.

Value: exceedingly premium feeling build quality and sounds wildly spectacular. You very much get your monies worth.

Pro’s: A wildly spectacular and exciting dazzle fest.

Con’s: A wildly spectacular and exciting dazzle fest.

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