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    Here are the best Digital Audio Players (DAPs), Dual DACs, Android DAPs, Bluetooth Capable DAPs, Balanced DAPs and more for 2020!
    Here you can see the best earphones, in ear headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth and even audiophile IEMs to buy right now.
    Here you can see the best headphones, earphones, on-ear, full-sized, Bluetooth, True Wireless and even audiophile headphones to buy right now.
    Our picks for the best over ear headphones: open back, closed back, wireless, audiophile, and more.

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    Welcome To Hifiheadphones

    Visit us and try out the full range of high end headphones in our specially built demonstration room. You can listen in peace with a choice of amplifiers and DACs to find the right setup for you.

    We're based on the South coast of the UK between Brighton and Worthing and welcome visitors to try high end headphones in our Sussex demo facility who often travel from London and further afield.

    The Atom is the new amp to beat for its price, it is simple yet has all the features you could need from a budget, neutral headphone amplifier.
    The Klipsch R-51M are a well-priced and exciting bookshelf speaker for those who enjoy a toe-tapping and energetic sound.
    The Carbon’s are a meaty and full sounding IEM that don’t lack on the technical front. If you enjoy a darker sound signature, these are well worth a listen.
    The Final B1 are an exciting listen, packed full of punch and sparkle with excellent dynamics and detail retrieval.

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