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    64 Audio Custom Model Overview

    These demo models come in a universal shell, but they will give you a good idea of what the custom version will sound like.


    Starting off at the bottom you have a simple dual driver model, but don’t let the driver count fool you. If you want a more mid-forward sound with ample bass and treble the A2e are a great starting point. They have good impact down low, mainly focussed on the mid-bass punch. The midrange is very detailed and clean, and the highs are well presented but lack the air and effortless extension of the tia equipped models. Separation is really impressive on the A2e and accuracy when it comes to stereo imaging is also excellent. These are a great, slightly mid centric monitor that will give you plenty of tuning flexibility on stage. Headroom and dynamics are compromised a little over the more expensive options, but in their own right the A2e are a great performer.


    Coming from the A2e you immediately notice more resolution and extension up top with a more natural tone. The A2e is a little mid forward whereas the A3e is perhaps a little more reference like in their tuning, with a more neutral sound signature. This is a very good 3 driver model when it comes to soundstage width and layering. The lows have enough impact and extension to keep most people happy, whilst the midrange is clean and well separated with excellent layering. The highs are very well placed with good energy and extension, along with great tonality all round. A great entry level monitor for those looking for a more neutral sound signature.


    This is the model where the tia driver starts coming in, steering away from the slightly more neutral A2e and A3e, the A4t offer up a meatier low end and slightly fuller bodied midrange. There is a little more focus on the sub-bass offering up a solid foundation for the mid-bass kick, along with a slightly fuller midrange. The midrange is however well detailed and not masked but the increase in the low end. The tia driver used for the highs give these a more airy and spacious sound with a more rounded sound stage in terms of width and height compared to the more width oriented A3e. The A4t offer up a slightly fuller sound signature, that is a little more fun, but doesn’t compromise on the technical side.


    The A6t offer up a very smooth, coherent and well-balanced sound with perhaps a little added body for added protection against fatigue. They have a very full yet linear bass response digging deep into the sub-bass without faltering, the midrange is a tad warmer than neutral but still allows you to easily hear all the layers of the recording. Up top they have excellent separation and extension, there is no harsh peak in the upper midrange and these are extremely pleasant to listen to. A favourite for musicians, the A6t is a great go-to monitor, with a well-balanced but not strictly neutral sound. Many prefer this model with the M15 module as it brings out a little added air and aids separation. This is one model you can easily tune to your liking with EQ if you wish.


    This one is tuned for the bassists out there, with a dynamic driver for the low end it offers more headroom down low than the other models in the line-up. The lows are articulate and hard hitting with a really natural tonality to them. They are tuned to be quite prominent in the mix, but if you are using these in a professional setting it allows you to cut if needed. This is much better than trying to boost lows which can introduce clipping. With all that bass, the midrange still managed to cut through with good authority and quite a pleasant tonality. Again, the tia driver here really does define the treble, with the signature extension and air. To most, the N8 will be a little too bass oriented, but for those that need the headroom, and also the tonality of a dynamic driver, the N8 does a superb job at allowing you to hear and feel the low frequencies. For the A12t and A18t you can refer to the Universal Model guide here, as those 2 models are the only ones available in a custom and universal shell.

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