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    64 Audio Universal Model Overview


    One of the most popular models, the U12t is in the sweet spot for price/performance. The U12t are a superb all-rounder that have enough bass to satisfy most but have plenty of technical prowess too. Almost like a baby U18t, the U12t are very well balanced and even handed with punchy yet dynamic lows, detailed and open midrange and effortless highs. The lows can be tuned with the apex module, the M20 giving a subtle lift in the sub-bass over the default M15. The bass is fast and articulate yet has body and punch too. The midrange is crisp and clean, expertly separated from the low end it cuts through the mix with excellent detail retrieval. Layering in the midrange is a highlight, it is very easy to separate different layers in the mix. The highs here are perfectly in line with the rest of the sound, with impact, shimmer and extension all with the signature openness of the tia driver. The U12t are very well balanced overall and handle anything you throw at them. They have a bit more of an up-front sound stage but with great layering. It’s easy to hear why they are so popular.

    tia Trió:

    This model is probably the one that is most forgotten in the 64 Audio lineup, yet they deserve some recognition. Here we have a very accomplished hybrid design, one that is all about engagement and enjoyment. There is a healthy dose of sub-bass extension helped with great articulation in the mid-bass. This low end gives the Trio a bit of fun factor but without overstepping the line to become fatiguing. The midrange is present, up front and clean, never masked by the more powerful low end. The highs come from the signature tia driver, which allows effortless extension but they are by no means up front and bright. The highs take a backseat overall, yet they don’t sound dark, with great detail and impact when called for. The Trio are made for enjoyment, the lows have real dynamic punch to them yet they don’t drown out the midrange or highs. Perfect for those who listen to music with a good bassline to follow. Sound staging is great too, with a good sense of space and perfect imaging.


    The U18t are for those who love technicalities, cramming a whole 18 balanced armatures per side, the U18t are somewhat of a statement product. If you listen to the U18t for a while, anything else is going to sound veiled and muddy in comparison. They have such a clean and controlled sound signature that is perfect for those who want neutrality. Everything is cranked up to 11, these have headroom to spare and don’t put a foot wrong, whatever you play through them. This level of detail does have its downfalls, one being they are very unforgiving so be sure to pair them with a good source and good music files. Once you do this, you will be able to pick apart every recording down to the finest detail, all this information is however delivered in an enjoyable package and the U18t are not fatiguing to listen to. They don’t have the incredibly wide soundstage of the Fourte, but these are designed as more of a monitor like IEM, whereas the Fourte are geared more towards the audiophile market. If you love a detailed and neutral sound signature, the U18t are incredible and definitely worth a listen.

    tia Fourté:

    This model pushes the boundaries and shows what’s possible with only 4 drivers. This is a hybrid design with an intricate inner shell with chambers that help shape the sound. Nothing sounds overly boosted on the Fourte, but they do have a healthy dose of impact down low. The Fourte are very revealing and will throw up flaws in recordings, but the clarity in the midrange is truly astonishing. What’s even more impressive is how the top end just extends without rolling off at all. The soundstage is one of the standout qualities of the Fourte, you can pick out the mixing techniques as vocals can be dead centre then shift to the sides a little. Everything sounds very cleanly separated, yet the width and height of the soundstage are unlike any other IEM I have heard. If you are looking for a true hi-fi experience, the Fourte deliver; with a more musical yet well balanced sound signature, effortless, crystal clear highs and impeccable soundstaging qualities, they truly are TOTL. Just try to stick to high quality recordings to hear the best these can deliver.

    Fourté Noir:

    These are a limited edition of the original Fourte, and sound very similar so I won’t go into as much detail. They do however come with a more premium 8-core cable that terminates in a 2.5mm balanced plug and has a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor with it too. The Fourte Noir are a bit more refined when compared to the Fourte with a slightly smoother upper midrange and a little extra body in the sub-bass. These differences are small but noticeable when you A/B them side by side. If you enjoy the original Fourte then the Fourte Noir may sound a little less exciting upon first listen but over time their smoother sound might be to your liking. If you’ve never heard either, both models are excellent. I would say that the Noir have a slight edge when it comes to the soundstaging too, but only slight.

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