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    Astell and Kern AK120 Portable Digital Audio Player & DAC - Announcement

    The HifiHeadphones team is pleased to announce the new Portable Digital Audio Player & DAC from Astell and Kern, the AK120 is now available to be purchased on our website.

    The Astell and Kern AK120 plays any music format with high-fidelity Mastering Quality Sound (MQS). Lossless music files no longer need to be confined to big set-ups with this portable audio system. Feel the phenomenal realism of high-definition lossless music through 24bit/192kHz sound processing that cannot be heard through a standard CD. The incorporated Wolfson WM8740 digital-to-analogue converter chip is the world's best performing high resolution DAC chip. Equipped with two DAC chips the AK120 independently separates the left and right channels and offer true dual-monaural audio with wide soundstage and full-bodied audio. Astell&Kern AK120 can also be used as an external DAC via USB or Optical In function. To playback 24bit/192kHz files, it is essential for the Astell&Kern to have high-capacity memory. Astell&Kern AK120 carries an on-board memory of 64GB with additional dual micro SD card slots supporting up to 64GB of memory in each slot , making the internal memory expandable to 192GB. Intuitive and responsive, the touch screen interface combined with integrated hardware control buttons makes using the AK120 fast and easy. The user interface of the Astell&Kern focuses on quickly searching for and listening to songs. The curved design of the volume wheel guard provides additional protection to the volume wheel. Features
    • Portable high-fidelity audio system with Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) playback
    • Up to 24bit/192kHz playback of high resolution audio files
    • Lossless playback for WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, APE, MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG and DSD music formats
    • Meets 100% of Hi-Fi audio specifications
    • Equipped two high-performance Wolfson WM8740 24bit 192kHz DACs in a dual-mono configuration
    • USB / Optical DAC function for PC and MAC
    • Dual Micro SD card slot supports up to 192GB of total memory
    • User Interface with intuitive touch screen and control buttons
    • Digital volume control wheel with traditional analogue feel
    • Volume wheel guard provides protection
    • Elegant design and sturdy build, housed in a brushed aluminium case
    To purchase the unit, please visit our website: Buy Astell&Kern AK120 Portable Digital Audio Player & DAC

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