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    Audio-Technica Headphones - stylish new headphone range!

    Audio Technica Logo At the Hifiheadphones we appreciate products that sound as good as they look. All too often good looks are not backed up by solid audio engineering. Audio Technica seem to have got it just right with their newest range of stylish consumer and semi-pro Check out a wide selection of Audio-Technica headphones at the HiFi Headphones online headphone shop. If you follow the world of professional audio you won't be surprised they sound so good, as Audio Technica have a background in professional sound and audio equipment. Audio Technica are primarily known for their range of professional microphones and studio headphones. It may not be a surprise that Audio Technica are the number one headphone manufacturer in Japan. A bit like Sennheiser in Europe, Audio Technica have the Japanese market well and truly sown up. Audio Technica are widely regarded as the best headphone manufacturer in Japan. Audio Technica offer a large selection of headphone models to suit most budgets and applications, including portable/iPod, high end hifi models, noise cancelling and semi-professional headphones. Audio Technica have really paid attention to the aesthetics and design - their headphones look beautiful. audio-technica-ath-ox5-black Audio-Technica ATH-OX5 SonicFuel Closed Back Headphones

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    Take a look at the full range of Audio-Technica headphones on the hifiheadphones website.

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