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    Audiofly AF45/AF45M Headphones - Mini Review

    Audiofly AF45/AF45M Headphones

    Designed by musicians for music lovers would be one way to describe what Audiofly are doing in the headphone world. Audiofly's founder Dave Thompson started his career building guitars and now he's turned his attention to headphones with impressive results. The AF45 earphone (like the rest of the Audiofly headphone range) exhibits brilliant attention to detail, with a very high quality finish. The earphone housing is a single piece design, making it acoustically stable and mechanically strong. Internally the shape of the sound tube has been made bevelled to reduce internal sound reflections. The AF45 has a sound signature that is powerful and accurate, something that appears hard to achieve with mid-range in-ears. Many in-ears at this price point have overly bloated bass, or are painfully accurate (mostly the former). Audiofly have done well with the AF45 to get the balance right. Externally the finish is equally high quality. Cabling is covered in a tough CORDURA outer sheath (as used in outdoor clothing) to keep the cable safe and the jack plug is reinforced for strength. In our experience the cabling is the first component to fail on earphones, so it's reassuring to see Audiofly designing this to last. We found that the fit in the ear had a large effect on the sound signature of the AF45 and that the tips do not fit everyone's ears well, so we highly recommend Comply foam tips to ensure the best sound (either S-500 or T-500 size will fit).

    HiFi Headphones Verdict

    An earphone with a level of finish that you would expect to pay more for with a sound signature that is well balanced. Bass is powerful, with slightly recessed mids and highs are clear. A quality earphone that is built to last.

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