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    Audiofly Release Pro In Ear Monitors

    Australian earphone manufacturer Audiofly, have released a range of four beautifully designed Professional In Ear Monitors. Taking on Shure, Westone and Ultimate Ears in this growing corner of the market is a big job, but from what we’ve seen Audiofly are more than up to it!

    Audiofly AF180 Quad Drivers IEM Earphones

    The Performance series have been designed to be used by touring musicians or music lovers who demand the very best sound in a tiny package. They all feature multi driver arrangements, with the top two models also sporting a super tough replaceable cable and leather carry case. The Audiofly Performance Series range includes the following models: AF120 - dual driver (dynamic + balanced armature). AF140 - triple driver (dynamic + 2x balanced armature). AF160 - triple driver (3x balanced armature). AF180 - quad driver (4x balanced armature). Looks-wise these are some of the prettiest IEMs we’ve seen! Slightly slimmer with a more luxurious finish than most, the shiny coating on the AF160 and AF180 gives them an almost ceramic look. Comfort also benefits from this gently contoured design. Comply tips are supplied in small medium and large for perfect fit and better isolation than silicone. A full compliment of silicone tips are included though, as well as a 6.35mm adaptor, a cleaning tool and an airline adaptor too. Audiofly AF160 Triple Drivers IEM Earphones Audiofly developed a special cable for the Performance range called the Audioflex, which they say is roadworthy and built for the stage. As with most of their Premium range, the cables feature Cordura fabric (like that found in extreme climbing gear) with the addition of a heavy duty Y splitter, a low profile twisted section and a mouldable over ear sleeve before the driver housings. It won’t make any difference to the sound but the packaging deserves an honourable mention. Audiofly have really gone to town with some of the best looking boxes we’ve seen in a long time. Finally to the sound – this certainly doesn’t disappoint. As you would expect, the whole range has superb detail retrieval and very impressive instrument separation. There is a common sound at work here, the EQ is flat and stable with calm but crisp highs. As you move up the range you find a lot more body and purpose, although the AF140 – featuring a hybrid two balanced armature and one dynamic driver set up – is simply the best earphone we’ve heard for below £250. The quad balanced armature driver AF180 is the flagship model, it has un-flappable bottom and mids and an extremely confident presentation which is very difficult to fault. Audiofly AF140 Triple Drivers IEM Earphones

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