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    Aurisonics Bravo Series - Kicker, Forte and Harmony In-Ear Headphones

    aurisonics bravo headphones Hifiheadphones are pleased to announce that we will soon have stock of the new Aurisonics Bravo series of 3D printed in-ear monitor headphones - the Kicker, Forte and Harmony. Each model has their own sound signature - the series has something for every taste. We have covered each of these models in detail for you. aurisonics kicker

    Aurisonics Kicker - RRP £249

    As the name suggests, the accent with the Kicker is on bass with midrange delivering some nice textures too. Perfect for those wanting to live the low life without compromising bass quality. The 9.25mm dynamic driver in the Kicker can also deliver a nice amount of detail at the treble end of things but it is smooth enough to give the low and midrange frequencies centre stage. There is a good amount of space on that stage too, with separation enhanced by some very nice harmonics. aurisonics forte

    Aurisonics Forte - RRP £379

    Moving through the range, the Forte features both a 9.25mm dynamic driver and a balanced armature which has been designed especially for use with within a hybrid IEM. Bass is every bit as present as with the Kicker, but with enhanced midrange for greater presence with vocals, transients on drums and decays for a clear sense of space. Treble is gentle and sits very well with the rest of the presentation; it works seamlessly with midrange frequencies to complement and not overshadow them. aurisonics harmony

    Aurisonics Harmony - RRP £489

    Sitting on top of the Bravo Series is the Harmony model. The addition of a second balanced armature to work with the 9.25mm dynamic driver creates more presence near the top of the frequency range, but it still has a smooth edge. As with the previous models, the Harmony gives a warm, bassy presentation with good control. The overall sound is a little more neutral from midrange up, with no peaks or bumps in the frequency response and no danger of fatigue. Perfect for professionals and end-users alike.

    All models are available to Pre-Order from us at Hifiheadphones

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