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    Best Bluetooth Headphones - Staff Picks

    Most portable devices can transmit a Bluetooth signal, especially the most recent ones. Whether you use a smart phone or DAP (Digital Audio Player), Bluetooth will allow you listen to your music and answer calls wirelessly. Thanks to this technology you won't be sacrificing audio quality for convenience, being a digital signal you will get an extremely clear connection and with the standard of Bluetooth headphones out there (especially those that are apt-X compatible) the result can be as good as wired headphones. Here are my picks for the best Bluetooth wireless headphones available in our store.

    Sennheiser MM550-X

    Sennheisers flagship Bluetooth headphone does it all, they are full size so they are very comfortable and they isolate sound very well, they have built in active noise cancelling, they have a microphone so you can answer your calls – and they do all of this wirelessly! The sound is as you'd expect from a Sennheiser headphone – warm and smooth with great detail and an overall enjoyable sound. They also have apt-X compatibility so the audio quality will be even clearer when paired with an apt-X compatible device.

    Denon AH-NCW500

    These headphones are Denons answer to the high end Bluetooth headphone. They have noise cancelling, device controls on the ear cups, apt-X compatibility and they are very comfortable. They are perfect for travelling as they are smaller than a your average full size headphone and they can fold flat, this works very well with the carry case supplied. The Denon sound has great bass and sparkly highs with a smooth midrange – Very fun to listen to.

    Parrot Zik

    For those of you who like your gadgets, the Parrot Zik is the ultimate Bluetooth headphone. As well as having noise cancelling and a very refined sound, they can control your device with the use of their touch sensitive ear cups. The headphones are also sensitive to movement and when you remove them from your head the music will pause automatically! They also come with a free smartphone application suite - here you can adjust the EQ, check battery life and make the most of their Concert Hall Effects. FUN FUN FUN!

    Sennheiser MM450-X

    This is the on-ear alternative to theMM550-X mentioned above. They have the same features but in a smaller and more portable design.

    Sennheiser PX210 BT

    The PX210 BT is perfect for those of you that don't need noise cancelling or apt-X, but still want a great sounding Bluetooth headphone. They are great value for money as you still get the typical Sennheiser sound without all of the extra features.

    Jaybird Freedom

    In-ear headphones are becoming more and more popular, so it makes sense to have an in-ear Bluetooth headphone. Jay Bird have done this very well with a great sounding earphone that has a fairly balanced yet warm sound. They are also very comfortable and come with a number of different ear tips. Another great feature is that they are very secure in the ear, so they are popular amongst the more active user too.

    Volume DH-B38

    Volume have come up with an extremely versatile portable headphone that is not only wireless, but has a built in microphone so you can also take calls. These headphones will connect to your device using the built in Bluetooth technology and hey presto! You have a great sounding wireless headphone that can control your smart device, take calls and is very comfortable... All for under £60!

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