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    Best Desktop Headphone Amps

    Best Desktop Headphone Amps

    graham-slee-solo-ultra-linearThe Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear Headphone Amplifier allows the music to flow. With over 35 years of experience and intense research into understanding the true nature of great audio, Graham Slee brings you the new reference class headphone amplifier. The Ultra-Linear technology is the result of two years solid research, exhaustive development and testing. Graham Slee researched how to mimic valve characteristics, what they found was that a number of op-amps (integrated circuits) could be made to perform just like valves. The Solo Ultra-Linear features significantly wider bandwidth (it goes further into the higher frequencies) before negative feedback is applied - just like the best valve amps. What a breakthrough - valve sound at less than high-end prices! A headphone amp that does away with the sharp glaring edginess seen in many of today's headphone amps. Capable of extracting an exciting musical performance from even the most basic digital source. Equally, it will return an extremely musical performance from the highest resolution vinyl system. HiFi Headphones Verdict: Suitable for both open and closed back headphone applications, with closed back headphones soundstage is wider and deeper at lower settings, and at higher levels will give a near-field monitor like listening experience. High-quality sound reproduction also suitable for professional studio and live stage monitoring applications. Auto-adjusting output to any headphone impedance (from 8 - 2000 Ohms) and two line level stereo inputs (via gold plated phono sockets) gives huge versatility. A truly excellent headphone amp.

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