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    Best DJ headphones to buy in 2015

    Best DJ Headphones Under £100

    Fostex TH7-BB

    fostex-th-BB-BlackFor its price, this versatile Fostex model is great value and is great for enjoying music as well as a whole host of professional applications. Imaging and soundstage are impressive thanks to the semi-open design, but isolation is not lost. Bass goes low but remains tight, mids are clear and natural, highs are detailed and not rolled off, but not too bright. The impedence and sensitivity may require a headphone amp for portable uses. Hifiheadphones verdict: A good rugged all-rounder for both in and out of doors, the TH7-BB is a great choice for those on a budget.

    Best DJ Headphones Under £200

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

    beyerdynamic-custom-one-proBeyerdynamic are known for some wonderfully put together and sturdy headphones, with the Custom One Pro being a good example. The character of the frequency response can be changed whilst the headphones are being worn by means of the adjustable bass ports on each side. Mids are slightly recessed and highs are clear but not too forward/bright. They are primarily a portable headphone but are useful at home too; isolation is good and they can be adequately powered from any device, although an amp may be required for quieter tracks if going mobile. Hifiheadphones verdict: This good looking and sturdy headphone can be further customised, but will sound good however they look.

    Shure SRH-840

    shure_srh840Shure’s SRH-840 is a fantastic introduction to higher-quality audio; anyone looking to upgrade may be hard pressed to find more bang for the buck. Shure has a long history in the music industry and the SRH-840 is obviously made by a design team that knows what professional requirements are. These are well balanced performers, but may leave bassheads wanting more. Mids are well balanced and highs are revealing. A good headphone for monitoring, but old or low quality recordings may be fatiguing after a while. This is a monitor designed for professional work. Hifiheadphones verdict: An excellent first upgrade to professional quality, but take care if you have a sensitivity to high-frequency sound.

    SoundMAGIC HP150

    SoundMAGIC’s name is synonymous with fun sounding headphones and the HP150 is a typical example, but this headphone should be taken seriously. These well upholstered headphones offer superb isolation, and a sound that you’d be happy to share! The headphone is made better than many other headphones at this price point and feels more like a Beyerdynamic, rather than a Sony. It's got a professional feel to it, rather than mainstream consumer. Bass is warm but controlled, midrange fluid and live, with the treble attention-grabbing but not strident. Hifiheadphones verdict: A sturdy, balanced sounding headphone from SoundMAGIC with build quality competes with the well established professional headphone brands.

    Best DJ Headphones Under £300

    Sennheiser HD7 DJ

    Sennheiser’s HD-25 headphone (and various iterations) has been justifiably revered by DJs and sound professionals all over the world since its release in 1988; however Sennheiser now have a dedicated DJ range, including the HD7 DJ. With a little more in the bass region, the HD7 is perhaps better when listening out for that beat in a club environment to get the mix seamless. Midrange is good and gets better with more power; the treble is laid back. This is a headphone that is designed to plugged into a mixing desk. Hifiheadphones verdict: Good imaging and airiness make these a good all-round headphone, but an amplifier is recommended for the best sound from the HD7 DJ whilst on the move.

    Best DJ Headphones Over £500

    Ultrasone Signature DJ

    ultrasone-signature-djUltrasone have a good range of high quality headphones and the signature DJ does not disappoint. With rugged good looks and build, these are sure to outlast many records and flight cases! They fold flat in their semi-rigid case, if the DJ can stand to put them away that is. Bass is well controlled and plentiful enough without overpowering the mix, midrange is fluid and clear, while treble is present and detailed without getting too intense. The S-Logic surround feature is present here too, to give added space and depth to the presentation. The Signature DJ model is for the industry professional and music lover alike; with the Signature DJ the accent is on isolation, but if enjoying music in quieter surroundings, you may wish to investigate the Ultrasone Signature Pro model. Hifiheadphones verdict: Enjoy crystal clear audio anywhere; isolation is as fantastic as the sound quality from these stunning headphones. This is the ultimate in DJ headphones.

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