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    Best Full Size Headphones To Buy In 2017 - Expert Reviews

    Best Full Size Headphones 2017

    Best Full Size Over-Ear Headphones 2017

    We've have some of the best full size hi-fi headphones from under £100 to over £1000 from 2017. The reviews are designed to help you choose from the massive selection of hi-fi and audiophile headphones available with open back and closed back designs. From established brands like Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser, to new creative brands like MrSpeakers and Audeze. Scroll down for in depth reviews of our favourite full size open back and closed back headphones. Shop: Visit our Full Size Headphones Store Read More: Best On-Ear Headphones Buying Guide

    Best Full Size Headphones Under £50

    Edifier H840Edifier H840 - Best Full Size Headphones

    The closed-back Edifier H840 has audio quality which belies its entry-level price. Low-cost headphones can emphasise the bass a little too much but the Edifier H840 has a good balance throughout the frequency range, with midrange and treble coming through with impressive clarity. Bass is there too, and prominent enough to give a bit of weight to those basslines without stealing the show. Build quality is also impressive for headphones at this price; they are quite rugged, but light and comfortable as well. They can be used either in the home or as a portable model, since the closed-back design offers good isolation from exterior sounds and the H840 can be powered sufficiently by a phone, or a portable music player. HiFi Headphones Verdict: If you're on a budget, there is no need to compromise on sound quality. For the asking price, the Edifier H840 represents amazing value.

    Best Full Size Headphones Under £150

    Sennheiser HD461G (Android) or HD461i (Apple)Sennheiser HD461 - Best Full Size Headphones

    Sennheiser's HD461 models come in two flavours, depending on whether you have an Apple handset (with a headphone socket!) or an Android handset. Designed primarily for portable use, the HD461 models can also be used with home equipment as they will still work in standard 3.5mm stereo sockets. Also, the cables are available separately as spares, so if you change your phone from one type to the other, you only need to get the appropriate cable for full functionality with your new handset. The design is light and comfortable with a sound akin to what Sennheiser generally prefers; a warm comfortable sound with enough sparkle at the treble end to keep things interesting and vibrant, but without any danger of listener fatigue. The HD461 design hsa a little bit of extra bass than usual however, so if you're a bass fan then these are worth a try. HiFi Headphones Verdict: For a bassy accompaniment at home or on the move, the HD461i (or HD461G) will give full functionality with your handset, whether Apple of Android. With spare cables available too, there is no need to change your headphones if you change your phone (iPhone 7 notwithstanding!).

    SoundMAGIC HP151SoundMAGIC HP151 - Best Full Size Headphones

    The new HP151 from SoundMAGIC is perfect for those who want to treat themselves to some excellent sound and build quality, but without breaking the bank. The HP151 comes with a sturdy carry case and an extension cable for more options if listening at home, but is otherwise suitable for portable use, being of a closed-back design. Be aware however that whilst the HP151 will work well with commercial genres, classical or similar may require more amplification than a phone/handset can provide on its own, as those music types generally have quieter recordings, with less dynamic compression applied during production. The HP151 sound has a good amount of well controlled bass from its 53mm drivers, and midrange/treble are clear and present. It's a comfortable sound, and it is not likely that listener fatigue will set in. HiFi Headphones Verdict: The HP151 is a fantastic all-rounder, with a bassy yet crisp sound. It has a spacious and wide presentation considering the closed back design, and it looks really good too! READ MORE: SoundMAGIC HP151 Full Review

    Best Full Size Headphones Under £350

    Final Sonorous IIIFinal Sonorous III - Best Full Size Headphones

    Final makes some excellent-sounding headphones with great build quality too. Their closed-back Sonorous range encompasses many models, but the Sonorous III is a point of interest as it gives some amazing sound quality for the price. With slightly boosted bass and treble, the Sonorous III gives a little added shine to your tracks without going overboard. The low impedance of this design makes it suitable for using with a portable device or phone, for enjoying your collection in the home, or out and about. HiFi Headphones Verdict: The Sonorous III is a favourite here for its relaxed, natural sound. However the Sonorous II is also noteworthy as a more neutral version, giving a more faithful rendition of your recordings and particularly suitable for classical and acoustic performances.

    Best Full Size Headphones Under £800

    Now we start to enter the price range of diminishing returns; for instance, headphones costing £800 will not sound twice as good as those costing £400, but if you are intent on raising your headphones game, these smaller improvements are still worthwhile to make your music collection come alive again.

    Beyerdynamic Amiron HomeBeyerdynamic Amiron Home - Best Full Size Headphones

    Beyerdynamic has impressed us for many years and continues to do so with new models such as the Amiron Home. With sterling build quality and sound quality alike, the open-back Amiron Home does everything well. All frequencies are very well balanced with each other, with treble a little gentler than quite a few of Beyerdynamic's previous models. So the sound is natural and smooth; ideal for relaxing at home (where else?), and quite suitable for any music genres that can be thrown at it. HiFi Headphones Verdict: The Beyerdynamic Amiron Home is a real treat to use, and is as comfortable to wear as it is to listen to. READ MORE: Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Full Review

    MrSpeakers AeonMrSpeakers Aeon - Best Full Size Headphones

    A relatively new maker, MrSpeakers has certainly caused a stir with their line of planar-magnetic models recently. Not least with the Aeon, a lightweight design which hits heavy with some excellent sound quality. The design lends itself well to portable uses, although additional amplification may be required if using with a phone. The sound is fairly well balanced with a little extra bass and lovely clear midrange and treble. The Aeon is well suited for all genres, but a real treat with anything likely to get you moving! HiFi Headphones Verdict: If your portable audio game needs updating, the MrSpeakers Aeon is one to look at, although the Aeon is equally enjoyable if you like to stay put. READ MORE: MrSpeakers Aeon Full Review

    Best Full Size Headphones Under £1000

    Focal ElearFocal Elear - Best Full Size Headphones

    Focal's recent additions to their lineup show a slight move away from the generally brighter sound of their previous models, to a gentler more laid-back sound which nevertheless gives detail in spades. The Elear is an exquisitely comfortable model to wear also, and gives the impression of the venerable HD650 but with a little bit of extra treble presence. The Elear is not a light model at 434g, so this may be worth bearing in mind but the sound is very pleasing indeed. HiFi Headphones Verdict: French company Focal has produced a real hit with the Elear, and it is easy to understand how; they're great fun! READ MORE: Focal Elear Full Review

    Pioneer SE-Monitor5Pioneer SE-Monitor5 - Best Full Size Headphones

    Pioneer's new SE-Monitor5 is where headphones start to get sumptuous and luxurious! Build quality is like an executive car, and the plush padding is much the same. The SE-Monitor5 may be a little heavy for some at 480g but they are made for relaxing at home and swallow up the sides of the head with their huge earcups. The sound is as you would expect from Pioneer at this price, with well-controlled bass doing just what it needs to according to the music genre being enjoyed. Higher frequencies follow suit and remain faithful to the music, only to add a little bit of extra excitement and glamour to proceedings, whilst staying very relaxing. HiFi Headphones Verdict: The SE-Monitor5 is incredibly comfortable and bound to please anyone who gives them a listen. READ MORE: Pioneer SE-Monitor5 Full Review

    Best Full Size Headphones Over £1000!

    If you have got bored of circling Switzerland in your yacht then you're probably lost, but you may be wealthy enough to consider the following models for your floating games room! These higher priced models may seem as steep as a black route ski slope, but those who accept no compromise will find the following offerings very interesting.

    Sennheiser HD800SSennheiser HD800S - Best Full Size Headphones

    Sennheiser is no stranger to premium headphones, and has followed up on the excellent HD800, released a few years ago. Some felt that the HD800 is incredibly detailed but at the cost of a certain amount of musicality, so Sennheiser now has the HD800S which offers a little more in the way of 'soul'. Bass is very responsive to what different music genres need without overdoing things, and midrange/treble give some excellent soundstage and imaging with a slightly gentler presentation when compared to the older HD800. The HD800S is however just as comfortable as its older brother the HD800; these models can be worn for hours on end with no trouble. HiFi Headphones Verdict: The HD800S is a very popular model and with good reason; it's as enjoyable as it is comfortable and has a fair amount of visual impact as well. READ MORE: Sennheiser HD800S Full Review

    Audeze LCD-4Audeze LCD-4 - Best Full Size Headphones

    Audeze has plenty of models, but at the top of the range we have the planar-magnetic LCD-4. Top notch build quality is to be expected at this price, including unique drivers which feature NASA technology in their nano-scale diaphragms. These light, thin diaphragms can move very quickly with no inertia, making transient response times very fast, and bass precise with nice extension and very good control. Made from 30 year old Macassar wood, the earcups are set off by bright silver grilles making the LCD-4 a treat to look at as well as to listen to. As well as the excellent bass, midrange and treble follow in good order with a smooth transition between, but with perhaps a slightly recessed midrange, putting bass and treble at the forefront of the presentation. HiFi Headphones Verdict: For the last word in headphones, this may need to be your first stop!

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