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    Best Headphones You've Never Heard Of

    Our audio gurus have collected the best headphones, earphones and players to buy in 2016 from brands you've never heard of with a quick review to help you choose. Here we will cover the best in portable audio, home and audiophile listening from unknown brands that can challenge the likes of Sennheiser, Audeze, Astell & Kern and more. Below you can check out our best rated unknown headphones from the year so far. dunu titan 1es

    DUNU Titan 1es

    Dunu has a knack for wringing every drop of sound quality out of the music, and the Titan 1ES offers superb value for money. The sound is tuned to give a bit of a lift to your tunes, but the dynamic-driven 1ES remains on the neutral side. The perfect all-rounder.

    nuforce be sport3

    Nuforce BE Sport3

    Currently the best wireless earphones we have heard so far! The Nuforce BE sport 3 not only sounds great with punchy and tight bass, crisp mids and plenty of space up top - their all metal housings provide superb build quality which magnetically attach to each other for easy storage.

    fidue a73

    Fidue A73

    One of our favourite earphones for under £100, the Fidue A73 features a hybrid driver design, with a dynamic 'woofer' for a nice warm bass sound and balanced armature 'tweeter' for finer details.

    bloc roc galvanize

    Bloc & Roc Galvanize S2

    British firm Bloc & Roc's S2 model is a dynamic design which offers a good amount of detail with a slight bass emphasis. They are very light, and are well suited to those who want to look good while they enjoy their tunes.

    mee audio pinnacle

    MEE Audio Pinnacle

    These dynamic earphones are accurate-sounding enough to sound like a balanced armature model. The sound is well balanced, with crisp and clear midrange making them the perfect choice for all types of music.

    nuforce hem6

    Nuforce HEM6

    With a clear and crisp sound produced by 3 balanced armature drivers in each capsule, the HEM6 from Optoma Nu-Force will reveal detail you never knew existed in your favourite tracks. Bass is deep but balanced with the midrange, with a sparkly treble.

    meze 99 classic

    Meze 99 Classic

    With unique styling, the Meze 99 Classic will turn heads - and it will rock them too if worn! The 99 Classic has caused a sensation over the past year with this dynamically-driven model which gives a very present bass with good control, and a warm yet detailed treble.

    final sonorous iii

    Final Sonorous III

    The Final Sonorous III is a great-looking headphone for anyone wanting to upgrade to something special. Bass and treble is emphasised slightly to give your favourite tracks more pep with this dynamic driver model, and the sound is natural but involving.

    questyle qp1r

    Questyle QP1R

    There are many digital audio players on the market just now, but the QP1R is a cut above with its dashing good looks and stellar sound. The build quality is superb, and it has the power to drive almost any headphone, not just portable designs.

    dita answer truth edition

    Dita Truth Edition

    The full name is the 'Dita Answer - Truth Edition' and I can't tell a lie, these dynamic earphones are as accurate as the name suggests. Large dynamic drivers give every nuance of detail but in a beautiful, natural way. Also they come with plenty of accessories, so you will not get 'nothing but the truth'.

    Mr Speaker Ether

    The Ether has to be one of the most comfortable headphones out there, and it has a very accurate and light sound. This is a planar magnetic design and so the Ether is quick on its feet so no detail is lost. Perfect for getting the most out of your music collections!

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