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    Best in-ear headphones to buy in 2015 - Expert Reviews

    Best in ear headphones 2015

    Best In Ear Headphones Of 2015

    Our audio gurus have collected the best in ear headphones from under £50 to over £500 in 2015 and reviewed them all to help you choose. From established brands like Shure and Sennheiser, to new kids on the block like DUNU and FIDUE, below you can check out our best rated headphones from the year so far. Scroll down for in depth reviews of our favourite in-ear headphones this year so far. Shop: Visit our in-ear earphones store More Info: Best portable on-ear headphones review

    Best In Ear Headphones Under £50

    DUNU DN-12 Trident

    Dunu DN-12We had to keep reminding ourselves that the DUNU DN-12 in-ears cost less than £50. The packaging is nicely finished and when you get inside you find a good quality leatherette bag, plenty of different eartips, a cable clip and even a Karabina belt clip. The headphones themselves are extremely well built. The driver housing is made from titanium which feels great and has a good amount of weight. The cable feels tough and isn't flimsy, this ends in a smartly designed angled jack connection – you even get a cable tidy designed by DUNU included Bass is deep and punchy without being boomy, midrange is slightly recessed with high frequencies well balanced; there’s a slight roll-off for those who like a warmer sound signature. Hifiheadphones verdict: Punchy with tight bass and crisp detail, the DUNU DN-12 looks and sounds incredible for the price. A real budget winner! Our full review can be found here: DUNU DN-12 Trident In Ear Headphone Review
    DUNU DN-12 Trident In-Ear Isolating Headphone Review - See more at:
    DUNU DN-12 Trident In Ear Isolating Earphones - Review - See more at:
    DUNU DN-12 Trident In Ear Isolating Earphones - Review - See more at:

    SoundMAGIC E10S

    soundmagic-e10s-black-redFrom the start it is hard to believe that the E10S is under £40. The packaging is smart and of a very high quality – once opened you find plenty of spare ear tips and an attractive hard case. Holding the earphones you can feel how well made they are and the innovative switch on the jack plug will let you set the earphones to work with any smartphone – you would not expect technology like this on such a modestly priced earphone.

    The E10S comes with 'Smart Switch' (Hense the added S to the Model Number) making it compatible with all smartphones, the E10S incorporates this ingenious user adjustable switch enabling control of Apple as well as Android smartphones. Owners of multiple smartphones can easily swap between devices to control call answer and end functions without compromise, and to top it all it comes in a choice of colours. For those who don't need the microphone the SoundMAGIC E10 is also available without microphone for £10 less. And for those with a little more to spend, consider the new SoundMAGIC E50. The E50 is a very similar design, but with improved driver (giving more detailed sound) and Comply tips supplied as standard. HiFi Headphones Verdict: If you have £40 to spend on some new earphones then go for the SoundMAGIC E10 – if you need an in-line microphone then go for the E10S. Easy! These earphones are our default recommendation at this price point. Our full review can be found here: SoundMAGIC E10S In Ear Headphone Review

    Shure SE112

    shure se112Shure's addition to the sub £50 earphone range is very impressive. They are very well built with a tough cable and solid speaker housing. The sound rolls off slightly at the top which takes away any harsh frequencies and the bottom end has plenty of punch! The Shure SE112 are a great alternative to the award winning SoundMAGIC E10 – especially if you prefer a mellower presentation. For a more professional in-ear monitor design we also recommend the Shure SE215 – tight bass, crisp mids and great soundstage. HiFi Headphones Verdict: The Shure SE112 has punchy bass and smooth top end detail. They are very comfortable with great isolation and they are tougher than most. IF you ned a built in Mic you Shure have now produced the Shure SE 112M+ for all smartphone options. Our full review can be found here: Shure SE112 In Ear Headphone Review

    Best In Ear Headphones Under £100

    Sennheiser Momentum In Ear

    sennheiser-momentum-in-ear-800x800_1When it comes to the sound, the Momentum In-Ear compares well with its full-size Momentum sibling. Detail is high without sibilance or discomfort; harmonics are brought out for a very real sense of musicality. Soundstage is surprisingly broad for an in-ear model and imaging is coherent and sharp. Overall, the sound is fairly typical of Sennheiser's recent offerings; in terms of full size headphones at least. When compared to older lines such as the soon to be axed CX300, the sound is drastically improved and shows that this old dog still has some new tricks! HiFi Headphones Verdict: Momentum in-ear - For the asking price, the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear is incredible value; giving great sound as well as swish styling and all in a very rugged and classy looking case. Our full review can be found here: Sennheiser Momentum In Ear Headphone Review

    DUNU Titan 1

    Dunu Titan 1 Earphones This is a very special earphone that challenges the big brands with both finish and sound quality. We think the DUNU Titan 1 is arguably the best in ear headphone available under £100. An ideal solution for fans of the wide sound of open-backed headphones, but who require more isolation. The bass is tight and solid, providing thumping drive when needed. Soundstage is greatly enhanced by the innovative vented design. One theory is that the energy coming through the holes in the earphone housing (not through the eartip) is felt by the concha, or bowl of the ear. Just as in real life, when sound energy is focused by the ear into the ear canal, it creates a light sensation on that part of the ear which the Titan 1 design mimics with great success. HiFi Headphones Verdict: Yet another triumph from DUNU-Topsound. Bright crisp and clear with big bass. These shiny little IEMs are comfy as well as crisp and airy sounding, The finish and materials are high end making this earphone a solid choice for those looking for something special. Our full review can be found here: DUNU TITAN 1 In Ear Headphone Review

    Best In Ear Headphones Under £150

    Final Audio Design Heaven IV

    final audio design heaven IVHeaven IV achieves the truest possible expression of live concert hall sound.With the incorporated balancing air movement mechanism the earphone body design has evolved into an uncomplicated, slender structure. Final Audio Design's special BAM (Balancing Air Movement) mechanism, optimises air movement inside the housing, has pushed the evolution of earphone body design to the next level with a simpler structure and slimmer body. The result is a balanced, natural sound that reduces unwanted sibilant high-frequency sounds. The Heaven IV is handmade by Japanese sound engineers with a full-focus on ideal sound with no compromises. HiFi Headphones Verdict: Final Audio Design have managed to create an earphone that not only looks great, but sounds it too! You get a refined sound with clear and textured detail as well as deep, tight bass. The flat cable design has also been well thought through, it is very durable and eliminates tangles and microphonics.

    Best In Ear Headphones Under £300

    Fidue A83 Hybrid

    Fidue A83 HybridFidue is another of those makers who are peppering the market with all sorts of models at various pricepoints, and the A83 occupies their top spot just now. Despite sharing its name with a minor road up in Scotland, the Fidue A83 is warm, fast and hardly ever congested. The Fidue A83 can however bring you to 'The Mull of Kintyre' as well if you really want to go that far. The left and right sides are denoted by the blue and red housings of the Fidue A83; they simply beg to be worn and seem to offer a fun experience just by looks alone. Supplied tips are what can be expected for a model in this price category; there's a good range along with the nearly ubiquitous free Complyfoam tips and the accompanying carry case is a chunky 'Pelican' style along with a hard foam winder/storage insert that will certainly protect the earphones. HiFi Headphones Verdict: Great sound quality, superb cabling- this hybrid driver earphone has come from nowhere to capture the hearts of audiophile listeners in 2015. Our full review can be found here: Fidue A83 Hybrid In Ear Review

    Best In Ear Headphones Over £500

    DITA Audio Truth Edition

    dita truth edition Machined from solid aluminium, the capsules are designed to avoid adding their own colouration to the sound, and are weighted to lean into the ear for greater comfort and a better seal. They aren't heavy but just weighty enough to let you know they mean business, and the cable is reassuringly stout. The Answer Truth Edition is a dynamically driven IEM with a single 10mm driver; Dita Audio wanted to go for the simplest design in order to deliver the purest audio. Since balanced armature technology requires crossovers, multiple drivers and all the related gubbins, Dita went for the less complicated dynamic route. And why not? We've all been shown the power and finesse of the dynamic principle through Sennheiser's excellent IE800s. Soundstage and imaging are first class, and the use of a headphone amp can really add the cherry to the cake in terms of realism. HiFi Headphones Verdict: The Truth Edition is not cheap, but then the best things in life often aren't, these are incredible earphones with a crazy over engineered cable. Aluminium monsters that are powerful yet precise. Also available is the Dita Audio Answer IEM, using the same driver and housing as the Dita Truth Edition but with a simpler cable option. Our full review can be found here: DITA Audio Truth Edition In Ear Headphone Review

    Final Audio Design Heaven VIII

    Heaven VIIIThis is a very special earphone that pushes the boundaries of in-ear headphone design. The FAD Heaven VIII is tuned with a rich and vibrant frequency response for a lusher sound. Like all of the Heaven range, there's virtually no stridence or discomfort for sensitive ears, but detail is reproduced with no compromise. Bass is fully represented (thanks to Final Audio's 'BAM' technology) without getting too big for its boots; midrange is crystal clear and uncluttered, with treble as smooth as silk, yet superbly detailed. A special effort is required to keep any dignity the wearer might want to hang on to; the temptation to start dancing is great with the Heaven VIII! Soundstage too is incredible; for IEMs, the Heaven VIII comes close to full-size headphones. Imaging and separation are razor sharp also, instruments leap out and reverb decays really give an idea of real space. Also check out the Heaven VIII's little brother the Heaven VII. HiFi Headphones Verdict: Final Audio has earned itself a fanbase the world over, thanks to the wonderful IEMs and full size headphones it produces; the Heaven VIII is a shining example (literally) of the sort of talent they have. Both stunning to look at and even prettier to hear, these handcrafted beauties are among the best earphones you will ever be able to buy. Our full review can be found here: Final Audio Design VIII - Review

    Sennheiser IE800

    sennheiser- e800The IE800 are Sennheisers new flagship audiophile earphones. Featuring a linear-phase driver system that achieves distortion-free audio even at high sound pressure levels. Surely Sennheisers most innovative portable music solution, the IE800 meets the demands of portable audio with truly superb sound and comfort. The extra wide band transducer system, with a diameter of just 7mm is the smallest wide-band driver system currently available in dynamic earphones. Innovative vent holes in the housing of the IE800 direct the air flow resulting in minimal distortion levels. Sennheiser's revolutionary dampened two chamber absorbers eliminate the masking of low volume frequencies by absorbing the energy from the louder low-frequency sounds. Build quality is amazing, scratch-resistant ceramic housing, stainless steel air vents and Kevlar coated audio cable, the IE800 is built to last. Two special meshes protect the IE800 against residue and contamination. The package includes 5 pairs silicone eartips in different sizes, premium leather carrying case, a cleaning tool and instruction manual. HiFi Headphones Verdict: Brimming with ground-breaking technologies the IE800 are the ultimate IEM for bass lovers. Big warm and powerful sounding, beautifully engineered with an ergonomic and attractive design, these are very special IEMs. John from the sales team gives you a visual rundown of our top 10 best in ear headphones of 2015:

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