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    Best Over Ear Headphones 2020: Open, Closed, Wireless, Audiophile

    best over ear headphones 2020

    Our pick of the 7 best over ear headphones: open, closed, wireless, pro, audiophile, hifi and portable

    We know how important it is to find the best headphones for you; whether they are for your smartphone, music player, laptop or hi-fi system. Here you can see the best of the best full size headphones to buy in 2020.


    shure srh840 closed back headphones

    1. Shure SRH840 - £119

    Best closed back headphones under £200

    The Shure SRH840 has been around longer than most of us here, and they are still our favourite entry level closed back headphone. These headphones can be used by pro users as well as music lovers, with sound quality that is not only detailed and well balanced - they provide depth and power to keep them engaging also. The SRH840 also provide very good passive isolation - which makes them great to use in noisy environments.


    bowers & wilkins px7 wireless travel headphones

    2. Bowers & Wilkins PX7 - £349.99

    Best wireless headphones

    We believe that Hi-Fi sound quality can be achieve from wireless headphones, and the B&W PX7 are our top pick for this. Sound quality is what you would expect from B&W - deep, punchy bass with cutting clarity and superb soundstage. The PX7 also offers ANC noise cancelling, extreme comfort for long listening sessions and customisation via their APP - all in a well designed and attractive package.


    audeze lcd-1 open back portable headphones

    3. Audeze LCD-1 - £399

    Best headphones under £500

    With the LCD-1, Audeze have created a headphone that brings audiophile sound quality to a portable design. Planar magnetic drivers provide powerful and controlled bass, with clarity and definition you would normally expect from headphones twice the price! The LCD-1 can fold for easy storage and transport and their leather earcups provide superb comfort.


    dan clark aeon 2 open back headphones

    4. Dan Clark Aeon 2 Open Back - £900

    Best headphones for comfort

    Dan Clark headphones (previously MrSpeakers) combine lightweight, hand crafted design with clean, balanced and spacious sound. Dan Clark has been making and customising headphones for a long time, and his Aeon 2 Open Back are simple in design, with a real focus on comfort, durability and most importantly - sound. There is also a closed back option for those wanting more isolation.


    audeze lcd-x open back pro headphones

    5. Audeze LCD-X - £1149

    Best headphones for pro users

    For us, the LCD-X is the sweet spot when it comes to Audeze's range of LCD headphones. These are designed with pro's in mind, however they are great all rounders. The sound is balanced and crisp, bass has authority and depth without being overpowering. Mids are rich and crisp, sitting nicely in the mix so they are forward enough to let vocals shine without ever being too aggressive. Treble is sweet and extends far - providing space with a natural feel.


    sennheiser hd800s open back audiophile headphones

    6. Sennheiser HD800S - £1399

    Best headphones for soundstage and imaging

    When Sennheiser released the HD800, they introduced something very special to the headphone world. For all of its clarity, space and analytical qualities - there was a need for an alternative that brought more depth and musicality to the experience - this is where the HD800S comes in. Still considered one of the best headphones available, the Sennheiser HD800S is instantly impressive.


    final d8000 pro open back audiophile headphones

    7. Final D8000 Pro - £3999

    Best audiophile headphones

    The planar magnetic magnificence of the Final D8000 Pro creates a listening experience without parallel. The unique construction, including a damping system (the same used in condenser microphones) allowing for a sound that surpasses the abilities of most planar magnetic and dynamic equipment. This requires a dedication to exacting detail you can only see in Final.


    Best over ear headphones at a glance


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