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    Best On Ear Headphones To Buy in 2017 - Expert Reviews

    Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    Looking for a new pair of on-ear headphones? We've collected the best on ear, open back, closed back and portable headphones to buy in 2017 and reviewed them to help you choose. Shop: Visit our on-ear headphones store Read More: Best In Ear Headphone Buying Guide

    Best On Ear Headphones under £50

    SoundMAGIC P22CSoundMAGIC P22C - Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    SoundMAGIC takes a lot of beating in this price category – the brand is a natural at making low cost headphones which sound much pricier. The P22C model is a lightweight portable with a flat tangle-free cable and good isolation. Ideal for travel and holidays, these will fit right in to any bag or backpack when stored in their low profile travel case. The P22C included a microphone for phone usage and the remote is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Sound is impressive for this price point, with plenty of detail and a good kick to the bass without overpowering the mid range. Engaging and fun-sounding, the P22C will make the absolute most of the output from any portable player.

    Edifier P650Edifier P650 - Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    The Edifier P650 is a smartphone friendly, easy to carry portable headphone that punch above their weight and price. Offering a well balanced sound with a little added kick down low, the midrange is clean and detailed and the treble isn't far behind. The bass does not have the most sub-bass rumble but for a quick and easy to use, on the go headphone they offer great sound. What impresses most is their ability to portray the whole frequency range in a well controlled and balanced manner, too many budget headphones overload you with muddy bass, yet these offer plenty of detail but are also easy to listen to; a no brainer at this price point.

    Koss PortaProKoss PortaPro - Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    The simple design and great sound keeps them viable while the open-back design, whilst not being the best for isolation of course, is perfect for those who wish to be aware of what's going on around them such as joggers, and muggers. The sound is generally well balanced between bass and treble, although the midrange can seem a bit distant and mushy. Bass is perhaps a bit on the heavy side, but it will definitely satisfy those who want a bassy sound. The Koss Porta Pro Classics offer a warmish sound overall. Be aware though that their open-back nature means that they will be of limited use in noisy environments. READ MORE: Koss PortaPro Full Review

    Best On Ear Headphones under £150

    B&W P3 Series 2Bowers and Wilkins P3 S2 - Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    B&W have a long history of making excellent hifi products, and this has trickled down into their headphones. The P3 are superbly built with an elegant and sophisticated look, the P3 really do impress. Lucikly they are not all about the look either, as the P3 offer a smooth and effortless sound that is akin to their house speaker sound. Offering excellent full bodied bass response with a non fatiguing and slightly sweet midrange and treble. Comfortable, well built with a smooth and pleasing sound signature, the P3 are perfect for on-the-go use.

    Sennheiser HD25-1 IISennheiser HD25 - Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    The HD25-1 II are one of the most well known on-ear headphones, this is partly due to their popularity as a DJ headphone. Used by DJ's and sound engineers globally the HD25-1 II are a rugged portable headphone that will last for years. Offering an immediate and aggressive sound they won't give you a wide soundstage but will give you an engaging and detailed signature. The bass is tight and digs deep with excellent control and presence, the midrange is smooth yet very detailed and the treble has good extension and is very well placed in the mix. If you are looking for a smooth laid back sound, the B&W are probably a better choice, but if you want a fun, upfront and engaging listen the HD25-1 II is for you. All parts are easily replaceable too, should anything ever break.

    Grado SR80eGrado SR80e - Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    The Grado SR80e are a definite improvement over the SR80i, with a slightly warmer, more balanced sound. Their retro styling may not appeal to all, but underneath the looks is a fine sounding open-back headphone. The undisputed king of headphones for rock music, these are sure to get you toe tapping and head banging in no time. These will not appeal to bass heads, they fair better with music that is played on real instruments. They have long been favourites for people that enjoy rock music due to the speed and control of the sound. At the price point I still think Grado hold their own with a well balanced, aggressive and detailed sound, there is nothing quite like them. READ MORE: Grado SR80e Full Review

    Best On Ear Headphones under £250

    Sennheiser MOMENTUM 2.0iSennheiser Momentum 2.0 - Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    The Momentum series are hugely popular with on the go commuters, and for good reason. Offering stylish looks, a comfortable fit and a smooth easy to listen to sound. Built to last with replaceable parts, the Momentum has slightly retro looks and comes in an array of colours. With playback controls on the cable you no longer have to take your phone out of your pocket. The sound is dynamic and punchy, offrering a slightly bass driven sound without sacrificing the midrange and treble. Engaging and fun are the best word to sum up the Momentum 2.0i. Good looks and great sound, it is easy to see why the Momentum 2.0i is so popular with commuters. For Android users there is also the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0G.

    Beyerdynamic T51iBeyerdynamic T51i - Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    The T51i have been around for a while now and are still excellent on-the-go headphones. They have a sturdy and sophisticated look, and offer a well balanced and detailed sound. The T51i again tilts towards an easier to listen to sound, with a slight bass boost that gives the whole sound a little added body. There is sufficient detail across the range to keep them from sounding boring and what comes to mind when you put the T51i on is refinement. With excellent build, comfy fit and refined sound the T51i has a lot to offer. READ MORE: Beyerdynamic T51i Full Review

    Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2Bowers and Wilkins P5 S2 - Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    Leather earpads and a metal headband, the P5 Series 2 screams quality and luxury. The earpads are soft lambskin leather with memory foam inside, like cushions against your ears. Like the P3 the P5 Series 2 has the typical B&W house sound, which is smooth and effortless. Offering a well balanced but slightly rich sound with superb separation and articulation, from highs to lows these sound very refined and grown up. The P5 Series 1 look stunning, have replaceable cables and a smooth effortless sound, what is not to like? READ MORE: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2 Full Review

    Best On Ear Headphones Over £250

    Audeze SineAudeze Sine - Best On Ear Headphones 2017

    Built from leather and metal, the Audeze Sine are built to last and also come with detachable cables. Using planar magnetic drivers they take a little more power than most phones can output, so they are best used with a high quality music player. Give them a good source and the Sine in return give you excellent audio with snappy dynamics that can keep up with the most demanding of music. The bass is full yet superbly controlled, the midrange is where these excel not allowing the lows to affect them. Guitars have excellent power, and vocals come across with plenty of detail. The highs are present and well defined, but never become too hot and harsh. The Sine are a mighty fine sounding on-ear headphone when driven well, and give you a full and detailed sound all

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