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    Best Portable Travel Headphones for 2017

    Best Portable Travel Headphones for 2017

    Summer is round the corner so we thought it was about time to suggest some great travel headphones for your journeys abroad, long train trips and flights to distant lands. Or a stroll down to the supermarket. Here we have chosen 5 of our best portable headphones ideal for travel and listed them in price order with a video review at the bottom of the page, ranging from low cost on ears, Bluetooth headphones and noise cancelling headphones. Here goes.


    Pioneer SE-MJ503T - £14.99

    This £15 portable on ear is superb value. They deliver a big and energetic sound and they fold up for easy storage. The headphones also have an in line mic with smartphone controls making them versatile too.


    Koss PortaPro Classic - £39.99

    The Koss PortaPros have been around for a long time now and with good reason too. Not only do you get impressive sound, the open back design helps deliver a natural soundstage and you can still hear what's going on around you - this makes them popular for sports.


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    Lindy BNX-60 - £89.99

    For years Lindy has been offering superb headphones at low prices - now they have stepped into the world of Bluetooth and really know what they're doing. The BNX-60 gives you superb sound, Bluetooth connectivity and noise cancelling all for under £100!


    B&W P3 Series 2 - £119

    Bowers & Wilkins design their headphones to look and feel great. The P3 is light and comfortable, and deliver a punchy and energetic sound. They also isolate very well so you won't be interrupted while enjoying your favourite tunes.


    Sennheiser PXC550 - £329

    The ultimate portable headphone. Sennheisers PXC550 does it all - Bluetooth connectivity, advanced noise cancelling and a touch sensitive trackpad makes them one of the most feature packed wireless headphones around. Their sound definitely won't disappoint either.


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