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    Best Sports Headphones and Earphones for 2017

    The Best Sports Headphones and Earphones for 2017

    We have listed the best sports headphones and earphones to help drive you along. Here you can find our selection of the best earbuds, portable headphones, wireless headphones and earphones and everything in between. Perfect for sporty use!

    Fidue A31s - £19.99fidue a31s

    The Fidue A31S may be the cheapest of this lineup, but is every bit as good at wringing the last beads of sweat out of you! The tiny capsules sit in the ears with the cable worn over the ear or down, and the supplied double flange eartips give excellent isolation.

    SoundMAGIC PL30+ - £19.99soundmagic pl30+

    An updated version of the original PL30 earphones, the PL30+ boasts a more attractive deisgn and also a behind-the-ear wearing style for a secure fit whilst you exercise.

    Koss Sporta Pro - £34.99koss sportapro

    This on-ear design is open-back, meaning that while others may hear your tunes, you will be able to hear the environment around you as well as your music. Perfect for pounding the streets safely!

    Mee Audio M7P Sports - £34.99

    The M7P has mobile phone controls and a volume slider conveniently placed on the cable, and pivoting nozzles for a secure and comfortable fit behind the ear.

    Trinity Vyrus - £59trinity vyrus

    With tuneable filters, the Vyrus can give you a bassy sound or crystal clear treble for a sound which will best spur you on! Can be worn over the ear too.

    Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 - £79nuforce be sport3

    The wireless BE Sport 3 model features 'fin' attachments to secure the earphones into your ears so may be better if you wear glasses or shades whilst running, for example.

    Pioneer SE-MJ771BT - £79pioneer se-mj771bt

    This bluetooth on-ear design is light and strong, with controls on the headphones themselves for maximum performance with minimum fuss.

    LINDY BNX-60 - £89.99lindy bnx-60

    These wireless noise-cancellers aren't just for meditation, the sound from the BNX-60 is superb and they will completely enclose the ears - handy on those cold days!

    rha t20iRHA T20i - £189.95

    These impressive earphones from RHA will sit in place securely behind the ears and motivate the most lethargic lollygaggers with a powerful bass and clear midrange.

    Snugs Wireless - £199snugs wireless

    Any worries about a secure fit can vanish with some custom-moulded eartips from Snugs. Together with Some M9B bluetooth earphones from Mee Audio, you'll get excellent isolation and the convenience of wireless together.

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