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    Best headphones for travel to buy in 2015

    Best Travel Headphones

    On Ear:

    Sennheiser Momentum on-Ear

    Sennheiser MOMENTUM On Ear Closed Back HiFi Headphones with Replaceable Cable and Apple Controls & Mic The supra counterpart to the full-size Momentum, this on-ear version packs a punch just like its bigger brother, making it a good choice to be included in the best travel headphones list. Full and warm bass which stays controlled, mids which are slightly recessed but still engaging – these headphones would suit those who favour a slight ‘V’ shape in their sound signature. Supplied with a sturdy travel case, these are great for foreign adventures or just for enjoying whilst at work. The remote on the cable ensures that no calls need be missed with these immersive headphones. They are well powered by portable devices such as phones, and are really suitable for this purpose. Hifiheadphones verdict: If supra-aural headphones appeal to you, the On-Ear Momentum is a worthy travel partner. They are fantastic all-rounders which can do any genre justice, anywhere.

    KEF M500

    KEF M500 Closed Back Foldable On Ear HiFi Headphones with Apple Controls & MicPortable headphones are really getting some attention again, and the M500 is a great example of the type of quality which has entered this market recently. They are designed to hug the shape of the head and look very cool when worn, although the wearer may well be grinning like an idiot! The sound is of amazing quality and it really is a strange feeling to be enjoying such a presentation whilst walking in the street, for example. They are solidly constructed without being heavy, and feel very comfortable. The earcups consist of a very soft cushion which provides good isolation without causing discomfort, so the high quality sound these deliver can be fully enjoyed. The sound is wonderfully balanced; the bass is handled very well and is tight without sitting too far back; midrange is clear and unforced, and treble is crisp and grabs attention without getting harsh. Hifiheadphones verdict: For the price, these headphones are incredible value; they are the perfect travel companion for anyone who does not like to compromise when on the go.

    Aedele VK-1 Classic

    Aedle VK-1 Carbon Edition Closed Back Headphones with Replaceable CableYou’d be forgiven for assuming that these headphones are from one hundred years ago; from a distance the design harkens back to headphones which might be used to listen to morse code. Try them however and you’ll realise that these are every bit as sophisticated as their modern-day counterparts; only the build quality is from yesteryear. Bass is fully present but knows its limits, midrange is clear and fluid, with highs rolled off slightly to avoid fatigue. The VK-1 is a very musical headphone and suits many styles while being very stylish itself. Hifiheadphones verdict: These are remarkably beautiful headphones which pack a sonic punch their genteel appearance just does not hint at. High quality leather earpads ensure great comfort, while the sound is vibrant enough to rival any competition on the street.

    Beyerdynamic T51p

    Beyerdynamic Tesla T51p Portable Closed Back On Ear HiFi HeadphonesBeyerdynamic has some very nice quality headphones, and the solid metallic build of the T51p is what we’ve come to expect from this maker. The T51p offers great isolation and stylish good looks; they complement the wearer as much as the music played through them. Also they fold flat for easy storage in the supplied travel case. Hifiheadphones verdict: Well controlled and punchy bass, well detailed and airy highs.Great all-rounders.

    In Ear:

    SoundMAGIC ES20 Earphones

    SoundMAGIC ES20 In Ear Isolating Earphones - RedSoundMAGIC have pushed the boundaries of what can be expected from an entry level earphone with the SoundMAGIC ES20, which makes this model a strong candidate for the title of best budget headphone. The sound is a quantum leap up from the cheap earbuds supplied with most MP3 players, with warm deep bass and plenty of detail in the trebles. While you might expect a cheap earphone to be badly made, the ES20 is a part aluminium construction and comes fitted with good quality braided cabling (normally reserved for high end in-ear monitor earphones) with strain relief that is built to last. The quality of the product is truly commendable. The ES20 is like the baby brother of the award winning SoundMAGIC E10 which adds a full metal body and even higher sound quality - for a little more money. Supplied with a neat carry pouch that is very usable and three size ear tips to get a good seal, the SoundMAGIC ES20 is a very well thought out package. Hifiheadphones verdict: In times past the Sennheiser CX300 was the first choice for entry level in-ear earphones, but the ES20 has just stolen that spot. Sound quality compares with earphones costing two or three times the price.

    DUNU DN-12 Trident

    Dunu DN-12The budget in-ear category is hotly contested and these entrants from DUNU are real contenders. The build quality is unusually good for this price category and the sound of the DN-12 Trident gives good bass and detail, with a slight dip in the midrange for those who like an elevated but tight bass. Suitable for use with Comply T-400 tips for greater isolation and bass response. Separation and imaging is incredible for an earphone of this price. Hifiheadphones verdict: If you’re looking for a great sound and build, you’ve not much to fork out for the trident.

    Final Audio Design Heaven II

    Final Audio Design Heaven II Stainless Steel In Ear Isolating Earphones - BlackThe sleek good looks of Final Audio Design’s Heaven range give some hint as to the quality with which this company loves to make its products. Made from a single balanced armature driver, Final Audio Design’s BAM (balanced air movement) technology ensures that bass frequencies are enhanced, so that a well balanced presentation is possible. The Heaven II’s flat cable and strain reliefs are in keeping with the quality housings, making a very stylish looking product. Hifiheadphones verdict: This is a great chance to try Final Audio’s famous mid-range sound; fluid and engaging, these will complement any performance.

    Jaybird Bluebuds X

    Jaybird BlueBuds X In Ear Isolating Wireless Sports Earphones with MicThanks to wireless Bluetooth technology there’s no need now to be physically tethered to your player. This is great for more active pursuits, where wires may otherwise get caught or might just be distracting. The sound signature is warm and engaging with a slight roll-off on the treble end so that listener fatigue will not set in as you exercise, even if physical fatigue does! Isolation can be improved still further by using TX-500 Comply tips; these feature a ‘waxguard’ to help increase protection from dirt, wax and sweat. If you do not have this technology already built into your phone, or if you would like to use these headphones with non-bluetooth enabled devices such as your TV, the Jaybird uSport Universal Bluetooth adapter is available. Hifiheadphones verdict: There’s no snags when it comes to sporting these earphones; the earfin design ensures they stay in securely, allowing the wearer full concentration.

    Noice Cancelling :

    Sennheiser MM450-X

    Sennheiser MM450-X Foldable Active Noise Cancelling Closed Back Wireless On Ear Headphones with MicBluetooth and travel go together so well; a fact that Sennheiser is well aware of given the range of great quality wireless headphones it has on offer. The MM450-X works with the Apt-x standard for great wireless sound quality, while a cable is available should the user wish to save battery power. Also the Noisegard noise cancelling is optional; with a talkthrough option to remain responsive without having to take the headphones off. Battery life can be an impressive 20 hours if used with the supplied cable (with Noisegard enabled) so long-haul flights can be taken without power problems. Also, the MM400-X model is available Hifiheadphones verdict: Keep your mind on your music whilst travelling; noise cancelling technology can cut out the roar of jet engines or the rumble of train wheels leaving you to enjoy an uncluttered presentation.

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