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    Best Wireless Headphones 2020: On Ear, Earphones, True Wireless, Audiophile

    Our pick of the 9 best wireless headphones: full size, earphones, true wireless, audiophile and travel

    We know how important it is to find the best headphones for you; whether they are for your smartphone, music player, laptop or hi-fi system. Here you can see the best of the best wireless headphones and earphones available for 2020.


    soundmagic e11bt

    1. SoundMAGIC E11BT - £69.99

    Best neckband wireless earphones

    The guts of the E11C paired with the power of Bluetooth 5.0 make this earphone a real contender for a budget price. Automatic smartphone controls give you even more freedom from your device while on the go. The impressive battery life of 30 hours will keep you going, allowing you to fully enjoy the class leading sound quality of the E11BT.


    soundmagic tws50

    2. SoundMAGIC TWS50 - £79

    Best true wireless earphones for comfort

    SoundMAGIC's first step into the world of True Wireless was a success. The TWS50 has all of the characteristics that has made SoundMAGIC so popular - comfortable design, ease of use and most importantly amazing sound quality. Punchy bass and crisp detail makes the TWS50 extremely enjoyable and fun to listen to.


    lypertek tevi

    3. Lypertek TEVI - £99

    Best true wireless earphones under £100

    The TEVI is very impressive, especially considering their sub £100 price point. Offering up a smooth and detailed sound signature that is well balanced yet slightly full. Add to that great stability and functionality and you have a True Wireless earphone that is so easy to recommend, go out and grab one now as they are a game changer in the TW market.


    shanling mtw100

    4. Shanling MTW100 - £119.99

    Best true wireless earphones for features

    Shanling's first attempt at True Wireless has definitely been a success! In true Shanling style, their MTW100 is very unique looking, with a design that makes them stand out from the crowd. The touch controls and comfort has been a big hit - and then the sound quality from its single balanced armature driver takes your music to a new level.


    shure se215 bluetooth

    5. Shure SE215 Bluetooth - £149

    Best wireless earphones for pro users

    Shure are quite possibly the most well known pro audio brand out there, and their SE215 IEM has been incredibly popular for years. Recently Shure released a Bluetooth version of this legendary earphones, supplying the earphones with their Bluetooth cable - making the SE215 the ultimate all rounder.


    bowers & wilkins pi3

    6. Bowers & Wilkins PI3 - £169.99

    Best wireless earphones under £200

    Bowers & Wilkins have led the way in Hi-Fi for the last 50 years. Since they decided to focus on portable audio, they have managed to do a pretty good job there too! The new line of B&W earphones are very impressive, and the PI3 is one our favourite wireless neckband earphones out there. They are hard to beat when it comes to sound quality, design and comfort.


    etymotic er2-xr bluetooth

    7. Etymotic ER2-XR-BT - £299

    Best audiophile wireless earphones

    Etymotic lead the way when it comes to precision. The ER2-XR sound quality delivers balance and neutrality - with a slight touch of low end to fill things out a bit. Then the design provides the highest amount of passive isolation from any earphone out there. Now with the recent addition of a Bluetooth 5.0 cable - these are some serious earphones.


    b&w px7

    8. Bowers & Wilkins PX7 - £349.99

    Best wireless headphones

    If it's full size headphones you're after, then B&W have you covered with their PX7 wireless ANC headphone. These Bluetooth cans do it all - superb design and comfort, market leading sound quality and noise cancelling technology. These will suit a number of uses, mainly travel and wireless home listening. When used with their dedicated app you can customise the sound to suit your taste as well as many other useful features.


    audeze mobius

    9. Audeze Mobius - £399

    Best wireless gaming headphones

    Here's one for all you gamers out there! Not only do Audeze make some of the best Hi-Fi and audiophile headphones out there - they also do some amazing gaming headsets too. The Mobius 3D uses planar magnetic drivers to bring an audiophile experience to your favourite games. These Bluetooth headphones also have a high quality microphone attached - making them an impressive all rounder.


    Best wireless headphones at a glance


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