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    Best wireless headphones for TV, movies & sports

    Best Wireless Headphones

    Looking for wireless headphones? Our headphone experts have collected the best performing wireless headphones available and reviewed them. Whether you are looking for headphones for watching TV, movies or gaming check out our reviews below. Scroll down for in depth reviews of our favourite wireless headphones. More: Visit our wireless headphones store More: Visit our TV headphones store

    Lindy WHF-45

    We're often asked for a sensibly priced pair of wireless headphones and until the Lindy WHF-45 came along we had trouble giving a satisfactory answer. Many of the cheaper wireless headphones on the market from the big brands like Philips and Sony are cheaply made and of low quality. The Lindy WHF-45 breaks the mould and brings high quality at an affordable price. The headset is well made and sound quality is impressive for the price. The audio signal can be fed into the transmitter either via 3.5mm stereo connection or by plugging to a computer USB socket (the transmitter will appear as a soundcard audio output on the computer). Combined with a device like the FiiO D3K these headphones can be plugged into modern TVs with digital audio outputs. Volume can be controlled from the headset, meaning you can stay in your seat. Hifiheadphones verdict: Better quality than many of the big name brands, the Lindy WHF-45 is a budget wireless headphone that we can highly recommend. Perfect for watching TV without disturbing others in the room.

    Sennheiser RS120-II

    Sennheiser RS120-II Wireless Open Back On Ear Headphone SystemThe Sennheiser RS120-II is high quality open back analogue wireless headphone, although it leaks very little noise into the environment. This is a great product for those watching TV in a noisy environment or who want to keep the audio level down for others. Typical Sennheiser levels of build quality and readily available spare parts make this a headphone you can invest in for the long term. A built-in volume control on the side of the headphones allows control anywhere in your house, while a control on the transmitter lets you fine-tune the wireless reception. Supplied with rechargeable batteries, the RS120s innovative "easy recharge" function offers the ultimate in convenience when it comes to charging and storing your wireless headphones. Hifiheadphones verdict: With a range of up to 100m, through thin walls and ceilings, you can even listen whilst sitting in the garden. making the RS120 an ideal choice for all types of media and TV applications in the household.

    Sennheiser RS170 Sennheiser RS180

    Sennheiser RS170 Wireless Closed Back Headphone SystemSennheiser RS170 closed back and Sennheiser RS180 open back headphones are Kleer Digital Wireless Systems designed for home listening. These cable-free headsets provide an audiophile quality music or home cinema experience without cluttering your living room floor. These wireless systems are comprised of a single pair of wire free headphones and a multi-purpose transmitter which also functions as an 'easy-charge' storage cradle. Sennheiser’s RS170 and RS180 utilise Kleer’s uncompressed digital wireless audio transmission, the transmitters have an effective range of 80m and can serve up to four pairs of headphones. The leatherette ear pads and headband cushions provide for outstanding comfort even during long listening sessions. The Sennheiser RS170 closed back headphone offers a weighty, full-bodied and detailed sound, sporting a couple of switchable listening modes - Dynamic Bass and Surround Sound. It will let you enjoy pure thundering bass, a virtual surround sound, or both audio treatments for your music or movies. The leatherette earpads and headband cushions provide great isolation; the circumaural design also prevents sound leakage. Sennheiser RS180 Wireless Open Back Headphone SystemSennheiser RS180 Sennheiser's RS180 open back headphone is comparable to some similarly priced wired headphones, making the RS 180 the choice for audiophiles seeking to cut the cord. The sound is big and spacious, fully reproducing a movie’s room filling surround effects. The RS 180 has Automatic Level Control (ALC), which maintains a consistent volume level for movies and TV shows. ALC is very useful when the quieter scenes of a movie are difficult to hear. Both RS170 and RS180 come equipped with volume controls and include a 3.5mm-male-to-3.5mm-male analogue cable, a female-3.5mm-to-stereo-male RCA connector cable, and a 3.5mm-to-6.3mm adapter plug.

    Sennheiser SET 840

    When it comes to wireless headphones, one of the best solutions for those with difficulties understanding speech on TV is the Sennheiser SET 840, a headphone set that can reveal extra detail of what is said. With selectable options to for optimised speech intelligibility the SET 840 is a headphone that makes technology work for you. The stethoscope-style fit makes it perfect for use while watching with others; the headset can be easily removed from the ears and a volume wheel on the unit ensures full control. Hifiheadphones verdict: If you are finding the television needs to be turned up loud but you still cannot clearly understand the dialogue, the SET 840 will definitely help. You will more clearly hear the elements of the voice that make words distinct.

    Sennheiser RS175

    Sennheiser RS175From Sennheiser's latest generation of digital wireless headphones comes the RS175. The closed back design ensures external noise from the room is kept out and also that only a little sound leaks from the headphones. With a theoretical range of 100m (compared with just 30m from the RS165) the RS175 is practical for walking between rooms (depending on the density of wall materials) while enjoying your audio. Sound quality is very good for a wireless headphone and will put many of the cheaper wireless offerings from Sony and Philips to shame. Connectivity is good as the RS175 includes both analogue and digital optical input. The digital input is particularly useful for the latest generation of TVs, which often no longer include analogue outs. Hifiheadphones verdict: A well thought out wireless headphone with digital signal inputs and high quality audio.

    Sennheiser RS220

    Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Open Back Headphone SystemThe RS220 is part of a big refresh of Sennheiser higher-end models. Not only is this the top Sennheiser wireless headphone but almost certainly the best and most fully featured wireless headphone anyone has made to date. Rather than the Kleer technology used in previous Sennheiser digital wireless systems, the RS 220 uses DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum). The difference is that DSSS transmits using an uncompressed audio signal over 2.4 GHz. Features include an onboard DAC with both optical and coax input and output as well as analogue (RCA) input and output. All functions including source, volume, left and right balance and On/Off can be controlled from the headphone. The design looks great and should be acceptable in even the grandest of living rooms The Sennheiser RS220 is supplied with the wireless headphone unit, transmitter/ DAC/ charging unit, 6ft RCA cable, RCA to 3.5mm adaptor, coaxial cable, CD and physical instruction manual. The wireless range is good for wandering around the house, perfect for avoiding cabling on the living room or bedroom floor. Sound quality is really impressive, plenty of well behaved bottom end that never becomes overbearing. From the mids up it is very clear, the EQ seems sensibly placed to work for a whole host of music and watching HD films. Very clean sound which avoids any harshness feels quick and defined. Definitely the most detailed wireless headphones we have heard; the sound stage is wide which helps live recordings feel natural and realistic. Hifiheadphones verdict: This is the best and most fully featured wireless headphone on the market at present. Digital and analogue inputs and outputs make this unit very easy to integrate into an existing set up. Not only are the Sennheiser RS220 very serious sonically but they are also well made and extremely well thought out, the controls on the cups work well and the whole unit has a luxurious feel.

    SoundMAGIC WP10 with included USB DAC transmitter

    SoundMAGIC WP10 Digital Wireless Closed Back Headphone System with Integrated DAC - GreyAudiophile quality full-size wireless headphones needn’t stay indoors; the WP10 can go wherever you wish with a pocket-sized transmitter (connected via USB to your computer), which is just as home in your hotel room as on your coffee table. A generously padded headphone provides superb isolation and comfort while the combined transmitter and DAC can do justice to any audio, sourced either from a 3.5mm jack cable or a computer USB socket. The WP10 uses a 2.4GHz CD quality transfer standard so no detail need be lost. Suitable for watching TV, radio listening, Youtube and a multitude of other uses, you needn’t be tethered again! Hifiheadphones verdict: SoundMAGIC once again offers good value with exceptional quality with this wireless model - the fun, engaging sound for which this maker is known is now literally unleashed!

    Sennheiser PX210 BT

    Sennheiser PX210 BT Foldable Closed Back Wireless HeadphonesFor all their diminutive size these really pack a punch! These days wirelessness and compactness needn’t mean a compromise in the sound, the PX210 BT can testify to that. They have impactful bass with good midrange presence and sparkly highs which don’t overbear. Great for travel and staying home alike. Can be used with the included cable should battery life need to be preserved. Hifiheadphones verdict: Attitudes towards the sound quality possible from wireless Bluetooth headphones have changed, thanks to models such as this. If you liked the Sennheiser HD-25 and its variations, this is the next logical step.

    Jaybird Bluebuds X

    Jaybird BlueBuds X In Ear Isolating Wireless Sports Earphones with MicThe Bluebuds X is great for more active pursuits, where wires may otherwise get caught or might just be distracting. The sound signature is warm and engaging with a slight roll-off on the treble end so that listener fatigue will not set in as you exercise, even if physical fatigue does! Isolation can be improved still further by using TX-500 Comply tips; these feature a ‘waxguard’ to help increase protection from dirt, wax and sweat. If you do not have this technology already built into your phone, or if you would like to use these headphones with non-bluetooth enabled devices such as your TV, the Jaybird uSport Universal Bluetooth adapter is available. Hifiheadphones verdict: There’s no snags when it comes to sporting these earphones; the earfin design ensures they stay in securely, allowing the wearer full concentration.

    Parrot Zik wireless noise cancelling Smartphone

    Parrot Zik Closed Back Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Apple Controls & MicThe Parrot Zik , designed by Philippe Starck, is a wireless headphone with gesture control, noise cancelling technology and its very own app. Surely designed to be a gadget fan's dream audio accessory, it has a host of host of features including a sensor that pauses the music when you take the headphones off. The aesthetics are really impressive, the ear cups are covered with smooth matte rubber, the metal frame is in matte steel finish. Pairing the headphones up using Bluetooth is simple and gives a decent range but the Ziks also feature Near Field Communication (NFC) for quick pairing - a first for headphones - although your music player will need this technology too.The Ziks have their own custom-made Parrot Audio Suite app which is available on iTunes. You can use it to monitor battery life, control noise-cancelling and add a “Concert Hall” effect, which can give the impression of listening in a variety of settings. There's also EQ so you can fiddle until the sound is just right. Sound quality is impressive for a Bluetooth wireless set. As mentioned you have a lot of control, so it is hard to describe a distinct sound signature. They are warm with a quite quickly rolled off top end, they have a comfortable and fun sound and in wireless mode have really nice stereo characteristics. They do not retain their character when used with the included cable however, in this passive mode without their technology they are unimpressive. The Parrot Zik will also enable you to make and receive calls when paired to your phone. They use several microphones along with a bone conduction system to enable your voice to cut through surrounding noise

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