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    Beyerdynamic DTX102iE Review

    Beyerdynamic DTX102iE In-Ear Isolating Earphones

    Beyerdynamic DTX102iE In Ear Isolating Earphones Beyerdynamic's in-ears have always proved to be a reliable and low-cost solution for those who like a detailed and well balanced sound,and the Beyerdynamic DTX102iE in ear Headphones continue in this tradition. This is the revamped and made-over DTX101iE; there's no great departure from the sound signature of the DTX101iE (although we have no 101s now for a direct comparison) but there are improvements to other features of the design. The cables have been made a little thicker and more robust, with less cable noise/microphonics should the wearer prefer them worn down from the ear. They can of course also be worn with the cable over the back of the ear which eliminates a lot of this noise at a stroke. Also the housing has been made a little more durable, although we don't recall having many issues with the former model. To briefly describe the sound, the low end is beefy but not woolly; the mid range is clear and uncluttered whilst the treble is very nice for a sub £100 in-ear. High-frequency roll off is less than what I'd expect for a model in this price range.

    Beyerdynamic DTX102iE In Ear Isolating Earphones

    Soundstage is fair, with good separation. I found that these are very good for rock and dance music. Accessories are basic, with the standard 3 sizes of tips and a 'snappy jaw' case for the earphones. For those who like things nice and clear with no clutter, these may be the perfect companions.

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