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    Beyerdynamic T50p Headphones - a B&W P5 beater?

    Beyerdynamic are just about to launched the T50p in the UK - a new portable headphone that is set to compete head to head with the B&W P5. Matt from Polar Audio (Beyerdynamic's UK distributor) visited HiFi Headphones HQ today to give us a first listen. It appears that the high end portable headphone market has recently become the target for the established serious audio brands, with the B&W P5 gaining some very positive reviews and plenty of high profile press. Beyerdynamic have obviously done their homework and with the launch of the T50p they look set to make their mark with a stylish design and high end audio performance. Below are some initial impressions of the T50p. We've also included comparisons with the B&W P5 that we recently had on loan for evaluation.


    Well balanced with plenty of accuracy, the T50p will appeal to those who love to hear all the detail in their music. The clarity is really very impressive, with excellent instrument separation and wide soundstage for a closed back portable headphone. Bass response is well defined and punchy - much less warm and fuzzy than the B&W P5. The T50p's sound signature is no surprise when compared with the rest of the Beyerdynamic line up. We are big fans of the Beyer sound.


    The headphones themselves weigh very little and the headband has a soft leather pad that runs over the top of the head to keep the headphones comfortably in place. The T50p is an on-ear design, but pressure is actually quite light and the pads are soft. Not as comfortable as a fully over ear (circumaural) headphones, but a lot more practical for using out and about. Compared with the B&W P5 the Beyer T50p is a little less soft on the ears (the P5 has large, flat, ultra soft ear pads), but we don't see comfort being a major issue with the T50p.

    Noise Isolation

    Listening to the T50p in a noisy office with people chattering nearby the sound isolation is good. The ear pads are sufficiently thick and soft to ensure a good seal on the ears. The T50p would be fine to use as a travel headphone because the closed back design prevents sound leakage in and out of the ear cups.


    We love the industrial design of the T50p and prefer it over the more reserved design of the B&W P5. The T50p is designed and built by hand in Germany, with the quality of workmanship being very evident when you hold the headphones in your hands.

    More Information

    To read more about the Beyerdynamic T50p or the rest of the Beyerdynamic headphones range please visit the HiFi Headphones web store.

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