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    Bowers and Wilkins P7 Headphone Review

    B&W P7 Headphone Review

    The B&W P7 is currently the largest of the Bowers & Wilkins wired range - they fit over the ear, are closed back and they are very comfortable. Being closed back means they are great for portable use as they isolate very well with hardly any sound leaking out. The p7 comes with two replaceable cables - one standard 1.2m cable and one with inline controls and mic for smartphone devices. The headphones fold up for easy storage and they come with a handy carry pouch. Sound wise these headphones are fun and have enough detail to please the more discerning user. Bass is great - it's full and packs a lot of punch without cluttering up the midrange which sits nicely in the mix. Treble extends far and has a good amount of sparkle without any danger of listening fatigue. They are not the most neutral headphone but they suit whatever you throw at them and will give your music an exciting edge.

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