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    Review: The Burson Audio Play V6 Vivid

    Burson Audio Play V6 Vivid

    The Play is the perfect all in one solution for PC audiophiles, and avid gamers! With a powerful headphone output, super clean DAC section and mic input it has all you need.

    Burson Audio Play

    Aesthetics and Build Quality:

    The Play is a more industrial looking unit, with a simple black aluminium casing that feels sturdy and well finished. It is not a fancy looking unit, but it is functional and the size is excellent for desktop use. The LED display on the front looks great, and the volume knob fits in well with the overall design. Build wise all the sockets are high quality and everything clicks into place tightly, there are sturdy RCA outputs on the back along with the power input. Burson offer a 5-year warranty on their products, so you know this is a unit that is built to last.


    The Play is a DAC/Amp, it only has a USB input so you cannot hook up analogue sources unfortunately. On the upside, you can mount the Play in a PC tower by removing the case. It also has a Molex power connector to hook it up to your PC power supply and a backplate with the RCA outputs on it for use as a pre-amp. The Play has a mic input on the front, which is not a simple pass through but it contains a high-quality pre-amp inside along with an ADC so it shows up as an input when plugged in via the USB. The quality of the mic input is really impressive, super detailed and quiet too. Burson Audio Play Back


    The Play with the V6 Vivid op-amps is one super combo, the Vivid op-amps are like the name would suggest. They inject a dynamism into your music and gaming experience like no other amp, and yet it doesn’t sound overly coloured either. The Play has an incredibly powerful class-A output stage that will drive the majority of headphones on the market with ease; it isn’t the best match for sensitive earphones though, and favours full-size headphones. The sound is crisp, clean, and above all punchy. It has an engaging and highly enjoyable sound without becoming fatiguing. There is a tiny bit more body down low, but nothing that is excessive and the midrange is not affected by this. The same with the treble, there is a tiny bit more sparkle but without becoming harsh, as the sound is very natural. With the Play you can roll op-amps to your heart's content, but if you are looking for a great all rounder that injects a little fun into your listening, the V6 Vivid model is perfect. Burson Audio Play 2


    The Play with V6 Vivid is a versatile and powerful DAC/Amp that fits into a PC tower and includes a great mic pre-amp. Burson know how to make an excellent sounding and well built DAC/Amp, the Play is really an excellent piece of kit for the price.

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