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    Burson Fun V6 Vivid Review

    Burson Fun V6 Vivid

    Burson have created an incredibly powerful headphone amp, in a small desktop friendly housing. The sound is simply sublime, helped by its dual mono, Class A topology which is fully discreet if used with V6 op-amps. Burson Fun V6 Vivid

    Aesthetics and Build Quality:

    The Fun, much like the Play, has a more industrial look with a matte black aluminium enclosure with minimal markings. It is definitely not the most luxurious looking amp, but it is what is inside that counts. On the front you have the 6.3mm headphone out, 3.5mm analogue input, and 3.5mm microphone input, and the microphone input is a pass through to the back plate. On the back you have the 3.5mm microphone pass through output, along with RCA inputs and outputs. Build quality is excellent; you get a sturdy metal chassis with a metal volume knob too. There are rubber feet on the bottom, and all the inputs and outputs feel excellent. You can take the top of the case off easily to roll op-amps, and you can even install it into a PC tower. Burson Audio Fun V6 Vivid


    The Fun is mainly a headphone amp, using Class A dual mono circuitry for maximum sound quality. It also features fully discreet components if purchased with the V6 series of op-amps. If not, you can always install them in at a later date. The Fun is incredibly powerful for its size, powering all but the most power-hungry headphones out there. It also features RCA outputs to be used as a pre-amp- this feature makes it a perfect match with the Bang power amplifier. There is a microphone pass through which doesn’t touch the internal components but tidies up the cables on your desk if used with gaming headphones. Burson Audio Fun V6 Vivid


    The Fun with V6 Vivid op-amps packs a punch. With most headphones, you won’t need to crank the volume up much to get good listening levels. What is noticeable here is the sheer clarity of the amp: it is focused and controlled, yet the lows hit with incredible authority and power. The midrange is detailed and airy, but not upfront and intimate as some people prefer. The treble has tons of sparkle and extension, but it never comes across as bright or harsh. The V6 Vivid op-amps make this amp a lot of fun to listen to, and it is incredibly engaging, but it never sounds like there are peaks and dips added to the frequency response to make it this way. This amp is balanced with maybe a hint of added body and sparkle, the soundstage is wide and the separation is superb. There is air between instruments, and the dynamism is really impressive.


    If you’re looking for a powerhouse of a headphone amp, a great pre-amp or just something engaging and enjoyable to listen to, the Fun with V6 op-amps should be high on your list. What it does for the price is truly incredible. We highly advise you to come down to our demo room to test it out, especially with the new Sennheiser HD820.

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