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    Campfire Audio Comet IEM - Video Review

    Campfire Audio Comet In-Ear Headphone Video Review

    Campfire Audio Comet

    Hailing from the other side of the Atlantic - Campfire Audio don’t just create great sounding earphones; they create works of art. Based in Portland Oregon, Campfire design their models in house and for me, they are one of the more exciting brands around right now. The Comet is one of their more recent releases and is their entry level model as just over £200.

    Like all of the models in Campfire Audio’s range - the Comet comes packaged in a very cool box covered with colourful artwork. This is a Campfire signature and each model has its own colour combination. Included with the earphones you get a large selection of eartips including Final silicone, standard silicone and foam tips. Individual soft pouches for each driver, a cleaning tool, a lapel pin and a hard carry case - again each model has its own style.

    Entry level price - High-end quality

    The Comet is Campfire Audio’s newest addition and entry level earphone - a very impressive one at that. Inside the polished stainless steel housing is a single balanced armature driver with acoustic venting - providing a more full and punchier sound than you would normally expect from a single balanced armature earphone. Campfire have also developed their Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber or TAEC - this helps improve treble extension when compared to traditionally used filters.

    Campfire Audio Comet Campfire Audio Comet IEM

    These earphones are full of fine craftsmanship and creativity - from the packaging all the way down to the speaker grills. The size of the housings make them very comfortable, they sit in the ear naturally and there’s no irritation when worn for long periods. The Comet is supplied with a replaceable copper Litz cable and is connected using MMCX connectors. The cable also has an in line microphone with universal 3 button controls - making the Comet a superb all rounder.

    Fun and energetic sound quality

    The Comet is a great introduction into Campfire Audio. It gives a clear idea of the experience and sound expected from the brand. What I find most refreshing is that they don’t take themselves too seriously - and this comes across in the sound. On initial listing the Comet is fun and energetic with plenty of bass punch and a very enjoyable richness - qualities that are lost on a lot of higher end IEM brands.Listen more and the finer details start to come through. The bass manages to have power without overshadowing the mids, which are rich and clear, cutting through the mix effortlessly. Then up top the treble provides space and extends far without ever becoming fatiguing or harsh. The sound has plenty of width and soundstage is impressive - close your eyes and you can picture where each sound is coming from.

    Overall these earphones are made to enjoy music on. I think anybody can enjoy these - whether you’re after bass, fun, dynamics, style, comfort or detail, these will do it. Just stick them in your ears and enjoy them - that’s what I did.

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