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    Campfire Audio - Stock Now in UK - Inflammable In-Ears!

    It's Hifiheadphones' pleasure to announce that the full range of Campfire Audio products is now available from our outlet!

    ..and it's a real test of our professionalism to be able to stop listening to one of these excellent models in order to try another one.

    Campfire Audio Comet Campfire Audio Comet
    This entry-level model features a vented, full range single balanced armature driver; we say 'entry level' as it's the cheapest of the range, but it sounds as good, or better than a few more expensive models from other makers. Warm and natural sounding, excellent detail, decent treble presence yet smooth. The Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber System (TAEC) helps to keep realistic and convincing imaging and wide soundstage.
    Campfire Audio Orion Campfire Audio Orion
    Next up, the Orion sports a single full-range balanced armature provides well controlled bass without going overboard. It's a little more V shaped, with great soundstage and separation. There's more treble presence but it preserves a smooth feel.
    Campfire Audio Polaris Campfire Audio Polaris
    The Polaris features a hybrid balanced armature and dynamic driver design; the 8.5mm dynamic driver is housed in a 'Polarity Tuned Chamber' which increases performance, whilst the single BA benefits from the Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber System. Bass is warm and textured but restrained with midrange offering excellent vocals, and treble adding some well judged glitter.
    Campfire Audio Lyra II Campfire Audio Lyra II
    With a single full-range custom Beryllium PVD dynamic driver, the Lyra II exchanges some of the smoothness of the previous models for a little more cleanness in the treble region. Bass is very impressive with some good extension and midrange is very rich and natural sounding.
    Campfire Audio Jupiter Campfire Audio Jupiter
    The Jupiter's two high and two low balanced armature drivers, plus the TAEC in this design dials the sharpness down a little, and provides a very engaging and musical presentation. Bass abounds, but only in a way which is fitting to the music played. Midrange has amazing clarity which is not forced, and treble is fully present but well tuned for those who may find listener fatigue a problem.
    Campfire Audio Dorado Campfire Audio Dorado
    With hybrid dual balanced armature and beryllium PVD single dynamic driver/TAEC, the Dorado gives a little more bass presence and a midrange which is well suited for vocals. Treble is smooth, with good extension and an excellent sense of space.
    Campfire Audio Vega Campfire Audio Vega
    Featuring a single full-range 8.5mm non-crystalline diamond dynamic driver, the Vega packs a punch in the sub bass region, with some great texture down here. Mids are clear and snappy, with treble giving a little bit of sparkle and air. Soundstage and imaging are very impressive.
    Campfire Audio Andromeda Campfire Audio Andromeda
    The Andromeda sports a five BA design, with two for the lows, one for the mids and two for the highs which benefit from the TAEC treatment. The result is an earphone that has become very well known in the industry recently, with lows feeling fleshy and palpable, mids smooth and natural, and treble strikes a good balance between being revealing and laid back.
    Campfire Audio Atlas Campfire Audio Atlas
    With a full-range dynamic driver made from A.D.L.C. (Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon), the Atlas model heads up the current in-ear range with some masterfully controlled bass presence, a warmish and clear midrange and a crisp, natural treble.
    Campfire Audio Cascade Campfire Audio Cascade
    Not ones to rest on their laurels, Campfire have also produced a portable over-ear model in the Cascade. It's user-tuneable to some degree using the supplied dampeners in the earcups but is sure to please all who try it. The dynamic drivers produce some excellent and well controlled sub-bass, with well balanced midrange and treble which draws the listener in to enjoy all that detail!

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