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    Campfire Polaris 2 IEM Review & Video

    Campfire Polaris 2 Dual Hybrid Driver Earphone Review & Video

    Have you met the new Campfire Audio Polaris? Hey everyone, John here. Campfire Audio is quickly becoming a big name in the world of earphones. Their bold and creative designs really stand out, and whether you look at their artwork, packaging or the products themselves, it’s obvious Campfire Audio love what they do. The Polaris was recently updated with a new cable, design and improved sound quality! Here’s what we think about them.


    As is always the case with Campfire Audio products, the build quality of the new Polaris is faultless. The housings have been constructed using aluminium, with a blue anodized finish. Stainless steel has been used for the black sound tubes and then the whole look is finished off with black screws holding it all together. The new cable is a definite improvement. Campfire’s silver plated copper Litz cable has been given a new smoky jacket and feels more flexible than the previous cable. The ear guides on the cable have also changed, scrapping the memory wire and replacing it with a more comfortable coating that can be moulded to fit your ear nicely. Campfire Audio Polaris 2 Main


    The way Campfire Audio has designed the housings on the Polaris makes them very comfortable. They sit nice and snug in my ears and they stay comfortable even after long periods of listening.


    Included with the Polaris is a number of accessories, including a mixture of silicone and foam eartips of different sizes, small protective cloth bags, a larger blue leather protective carry case, a cleaning tool and a Campfire Audio lapel pin. Thanks to the amount of eartips supplied, you should have no problem finding the right fit. Just make sure you try all of the tips, as getting that good seal makes a huge difference to the sound quality. Campfire Polaris 2 Accessories


    The Polaris is equally impressive inside as they are outside. Campfire’s Polaris has a hybrid driver setup, with each housing containing a balanced armature driver and a 9.2mm dynamic driver. This pairing delivers the best of both worlds, with the balanced armature looking after the higher frequencies, and then the large dynamic driver taking care of the low end. Campfire Audio has developed some of their own technology, and it is present in the Polaris. The balanced armature driver has Campfire’s T.A.E.C. or 'tuned acoustic expansion chamber'; this helps with treble extension and top end sparkle. Then the Polarity Tuned Chamber brings the most out of the dynamic driver. Leather Carry Case

    Sound Quality

    These earphones deliver a high energy sound with plenty of bass power and crisp clarity. These aren’t going to be for those looking for that reference kind of sound, or something neutral. The Polaris has brought fun listening to the high-end audio world.
    • Bass response

    Bass is where it’s at with the Polaris. It’s full, weighty and goes really low. Campfire Audio have managed to reign it in enough not to overpower the mids or become bloated: it emphasizes and celebrates bass as opposed to adding more of it.
    • Midrange (instrumental/vocals)

    Mids sit very comfortably in the mix. They are crisp without being too forward and gives the bass definition. Vocals nestle nicely in a pillow of low end goodness, coming across clear and well defined.
    • Treble (extension)

    Treble on the Polaris extends far, providing space and sparkle. Reverbs tail off naturally and the top end detail makes separation very impressive. There’s a great sense of where instruments are placed and there’s an impressive depth to the sound. Campfire Litz Cable


    The 4 to 500 pound price bracket has become quite a sweet spot for earphones, with competition coming from the likes of Flare Audio, Final, Westone, Oriveti and Shure. Luckily the Polaris has a lot going for it, and really stands out amongst the crowd. Their bass is like nothing else and Campfire Audio’s design is bold and attractive. If you enjoy good quality bass and want your earphones to deliver a fun and energetic listening experience, then check out the Polaris. Your ears will be happy.

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