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    Children’s Headphones Competition

    Children’s Headphones Competition

    Childrens headphone comp 2 Are your kids using earphones or headphones? The answer is almost certainly yes, whether for educational or recreational purposes. Our friends at, manufacturers of professional hearing protection solutions, are running a competition with three prizes and a survey focussing on children’s use of headphones. Today’s kids, even toddlers, spend a lot of time with electronic devices. We’ve seen kids wearing earphones on planes and in trains, because their parents need to keep them entertained without disturbing others. In schools, multimedia resources are becoming the norm. Kids have phones and tablets, and headphones are now the main method of listening to music on the go. With such consistent use of earphones and headphones, today’s children are increasingly at risk of hearing damage. We’re giving away three different headphones suitable for kids:
    • Concept Learning Pandaphones for under 6 years
    • Thomson Childrens headphones Ages 6+
    • SoundMAGIC P21 Ages 11+
    By filling out the survey you can win your children new headphones and help to create better solutions to protect children's hearing in the future. Make sure you leave contact details if you want to enter the competition, winners will be picked at random. Simply follow this link and fill in the survey. Children and Headphones Survey HiFi Headphones Competition Promotions 2015 Terms and Conditions 1. Each promotion only lasts as long as stated in the post(s) opening the promotion. This would be one to six weeks. 2. Only one entry per person per promotion is permitted. Any further entries will be void. 3. Changes to these terms and conditions can happen at any time without notice. 4. Closing Date for entries: 20th March 2015

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