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    ClarityOne - The future of Earphones?

    ClarityOne™ Earphones will be the first product from PureSound Technologies Inc, a forward thinking collective of audio experts and self proclaimed audiophiles, committed to pushing back the boundaries of sound reproduction. This is the most exciting new earphone for a very long time! ClarityOne™ earphones aim to deliver the clearest, truest, best sound on the market today. Developed out of the belief that better speakers are needed to accurately reproduce what the artist has recorded. The technology for sound reproduction has not had any major advancement in decades. It took 12 years, 6-patents with more pending, but they believe they have come up with the perfect solution, enter the PureSound Processor and the ClarityOne™ earphones. Here is the short version of how they do this. "Your music is a signal. Every other speaker in the world is made the same, based on ideas dating back to before there were cars. When your player sends the signal to your earbuds a field is built around the voice coil and it robs you of harmonics, volume and creates distortion. Our patented processor holds this field in a magnetic gap and does not allow it to alter the signal in any way so you have all the music that was recorded in perfect Clarity. The industry benchmark for testing this is a square wave test. The reason is the only a square wave has all harmonics and the associated sub harmonics. We are THE ONLY audio reproduction company that can achieve this and promise perfect sound quality. Square wave in, square wave out. A bonus is that it actually makes your players battery last longer because we can use 8 ohms, less resistance, and we have no counter EMF back to your player." - ClarityOne This is breakthrough technology. The earphones sound incredibly clean - So clean they make you question what you have heard from every single earphone you have previously spent time with. The difference is so shocking its hard to even make comparisons in the same price bracket, in fact, the general feel of Electrostatics and Magna-planers is the closest I can come.

    PureSound Processor - IEMs may never be the same!

    The PureSound Processor circuit provides an economical solution for achieving perfect phase unity between amplifiers and multiple driver systems, it is not a crossover, it is a coupling unit. Unlike traditional crossovers, PureSound Processor´s patented technology cancels out the Counter EMF and at the same time provides a two way magnetic brake on the voice coil which "couple" it to the amplifier, therefore allowing it to operate freely with no added distortions allowing for pure sound to enter the system (at Crossover) and pure sound to exit (to the speaker). The sound signature is a gentle smile curve with tons of bottom end and a rich cool feel to the mids and highs. Talking about sound with this product is tough because they really do sound very different, really open and spacious. The result is a very natural sweet sound which is really quite compelling. The worst part is going back to your original earphones, I have what I consider to be very good earphones but it is just not possible to feel that the ClarityOnes's are anything other than a huge step forward. "Modern day speakers use a simple voice coil or a single coil crossover, a technology that was developed almost a century ago. Its original design was for electric motors. Early audio engineering pioneers found a way they could make it work in a new speaker design at the time but in doing so they also created audio’s greatest Achilles heel. The reason is that all audio signals that go through a voice coil or a coil crossover are subject to interference. We know of this evil as distortion and loss of harmonics or your sound." - ClarityOne ClarityOne™ aim to test all traditionally accepted limits of technical beliefs and design, they say they didn't want to create just good headphones, they wanted to create the best headphones ever. ClarityOne™ are well aware that sound is a very subjective area, the best IEM in the world is a noble goal, at the moment they will have to be happy with possibly revolutionising the market.

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