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    Comply Eartips - ultra soft replacement foam earphone tips

    Ultra Soft, Breathable Foam – 30 times softer than standard tips

    Comply Foam Replacement Earphone Tips Utilising a unique soft foam that is activated by body heat, Comply™ Foam ear tips offer superior comfort, fit and performance and can be fitted to major consumer brand earphones, such as Sennheiser, Denon, Skullcandy, Ultimate Ears and many others. Comply Foam replacement eartips are now available at the HiFi Headphones store. By expanding to fill the ear canal completely, retention is dramatically increased, providing a secure in-ear fit for today’s active lifestyles. Comply foam creates an optimal seal that blocks noise while funnelling pure sound into the ear for total immersion. Comply Foam Tips are standard issue for US Army Helicopter crews and used by the Special Elite Forces. These tips offer ultra soft comfort with a stay in-ear fit, while providing enhanced sound quality and superior noise reduction.

    About Hearing Components

    An expert in making connections to the ear using innovative foam solutions, Hearing Components focuses on developing innovative products that improve the listening experience. A 3M spin-off founded in 1990 by Dr. Robert Oliveira serve the military, consumer, aviation, audiology and industrial markets. The patented technology was developed through several grants by the National Institutes of Health to improve and protect hearing. HearingComponents is located in the Twin Cities suburb of Oakdale, Minnesota. For more information visit

    About HiFi Headphones

    The UK’s leading headphone and earphone store, HiFi Headphones specialises in bringing innovative products to the UK market and providing a World class service to customers. Offering a huge selection of headphones, earphones and related products as well as buyer’s guides and reviews, the HiFi Headphones website is the place to make an informed headphone purchase. For more information visit

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