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    Custom Mould Earphones & Sleeves from ACS

    HiFi Headphones is now offering custom made earphones and also custom sleeve ear gels for a range of popular standard earphone models. Regular visitors to the HiFi Headphones store will have noticed that we've recently added a brand new category to the website. We've also added a guide to custom fitted earphones and provided information on getting impressions taken for your ears. If you are looking for the perfect in-ear fit for optimum comfort, then custom fitted earphones or sleeves are the answer. Made from ultra soft silicone material and made specifically for your ears, custom mould earphone gels also offer the best possible isolation from external noise. With custom earphones fitted it's possible to totally immerse yourself in the sound of your music without interruption from noisy surroundings.

    Custom Sleeves for Earphones

    Custom made earphone sleeves are the ultimate upgrade for an existing pair of high quality in-ear sound isolating earphones. The sleeves are manufactured specifically for your existing earphones your ears. Custom Earphone Sleeve fitted to Etymotic ER-6i

    Custom Earphones

    Custom earphones are custom made ear gels with miniature earphone speakers fitted inside at the time of manufacture. Just like regular earphones, custom earphones come with varying numbers of drivers, with entry level models having a single driver and higher end models having upto three balanced armature drivers. ACS T2 Custom Earphones with Twin balanced armature drivers A benefit of opting for a custom earphone with built in drivers is that you only have a single device to think about - no need to worry about the custom ear gels getting split up from your earphones. The all-in-one design also offers advantages over custom made sleeves by being more compact - the drivers are embedded deep within the ear mould - and therefore providing a neater solution. Interestingly, it can actually also work out cheaper to purchase a complete custom earphone with drivers built in, rather than a high end standard earphone and then an additional custom sleeve.

    More Information

    For information on the full range of custom fitted earphones and custom fitted earphone gels for standard earphones please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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