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    Deewear FlyOne Dark Wireless Earphone Review - More Sounds with No Strings

    Deewear FlyOne Dark Bluetooth In Ear Headphone Review

    Flyone Deewear Wireless Bluetooth headphones are getting ever more popular, and we're worried that we'll run out of titles. Never mind, as the convenience offered by Bluetooth earphones such as Deewear's FlyOne Dark will give our wits a chance to catch up with the world of technology. Hopefully. It's no surprise that the FlyOne Dark is aimed at the sporty segment of the market, but to be fair it's not bad when sitting still either. When turning on, a female voice states 'power on' and 'connected successfully' when getting going. Since these earphones are from Italy it could be hoped that this would be more representative of that part of the world, but you can't have everything.


    • Wireless convenience
    • Good sound for exercising to
    • Fits in ears firmly
    • Sturdy build


    • Some may prefer a more refined sound
    • Some signal issues (depending on handset)
    Flyone Deewear

    Design and Appearance

    The Deewear FlyOne Dark is perhaps designed with function in mind rather than looks, but it does a good job of fitting in with whatever the wearer is doing, whether it be exercise or something more sedate. The cable connecting the left and right earbuds of the FlyOne Dark has a light-reflecting coating on one side to help the wearer be seen during the hours of darkness, which is a nice thought.

    Durability and Build quality

    The earphones themselves have a strong and solid build, but retain a lightness which will certainly help them stay in the ear, along with the 'shark's fin' attachment which holds things in place nicely. I imagine that any mishaps or falls will not put the FlyOne Dark out of action for long.


    Everyone's experience will be different I'm sure, but the FlyOne Dark sits firmly in the ear and the supplied eartips form a good seal with no trouble. The earphones can be worn for extended periods with no discomfort. Flyone Deewear

    Suitability for intended application

    Volume can be adjusted and play/pause found easily, although this may require some practice when in the heat of battle. With the cable around the back of the neck, the mic and control is just behind the right ear. It does not seem to cause a problem with being heard if making a call indoors, but this may be different if out in a noisy environment or strong wind. Battery life is good for an earphone of this type; it keeps on going beyond expectations and should certainly outlast the energy levels of the most enthused athletes. When the battery is reaching exhaustion, the music is interrupted now and again by our female MC stating 'battery low' which can be a little annoying but it's not that often, and it's probably less annoying that being faced with a flat battery the next day. Recharging is done via a socket hidden on the back of one of the earpieces; a micro-USB cable is supplied for this purpose. Flyone Deewear

    Sound isolation

    Isolation is fair; it's quite common for joggers to want a certain amount of situational awareness and this should suit them, but there's also enough to drown out a decent amount of piped-in gym music, the scourge of many a gym-goer.

    Sound characteristics

    There were some interruptions to the audio in the form of very brief 'hiccups' when the signal was slightly broken; almost like pops on a record. This reviewer went shopping last night and the experience was good; when the mind is on other things, these issues are not bothersome. Handsets other than the cheap Android which was used for this review may transmit better, so take this with a grain of salt. The sound of the earphones can be dramatically affected by the position of the eartips, so when trying them be prepared to get the angle and position right to ensure that they are sounding their best. The earfins will keep them in place once a decent sound is achieved. Tuned for exercising, the FlyOne Dark gives a good amount of bass with quite a presence in the high-midrange region; good for bouncy genres like dance and pop. The volume control does not communicate with the phone; rather the earphones have their own volume scale so the level can potentially be made to be quite high with the handset volume already on maximum.
    • Bass (e.g. punch, low extension)
    Bass has a decent amount of body, but the FlyOne Dark is not bass heavy. Bass is fairly well controlled with a good amount of texture; the midrange is left uncluttered. Tracks which feature a low bass or a lot of it will be reproduced quite well.
    • Mids (e.g. vocals, acoustic instruments)
    There appears to be a slight increase in the high-mid presence when compared to low-mid, and some may think (perhaps ironically) that the FlyOne Dark is a little on the bright side here. It does however make the most of harmonics and vocals which may be a little blunted due to the sound quality limitations imposed by the Bluetooth transmission method. It's not a bad thing but may be an area of sensitivity for some.
    • Treble (e.g. high hats)
    As above, the sound quality limitations of Bluetooth do affect higher frequencies more and there is some graininess when it comes to higher frequencies. The effect makes for a more 'Rock n' Roll' sound which is not a problem but it is less refined than some may wish for.

    Soundstage and Separation

    Soundstage and imaging/separation are not as good as with a wired earphone but are still OK. The selling point of the Deewear FlyOne Dark is definitely the wireless aspect, and deeper aspects of the sound quality take a back seat which is going to be an acceptable trade-off for many.

    Music genres good for and why

    Anything with a driving beat such as pop, hip-hop and dance music will be best for the FlyOne Dark, with genres known for their subtlety and atmosphere not doing so well


    Given that a lot of other wireless sporty earphones are twice the price of the FlyOne Dark, this represents quite a bargain and may encourage a lot of people to give wireless earphones a try, whether they are joggers, gym goers or casual users. Flyone Deewear

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