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    Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones - Truth Edition - Review

    Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones - Truth Edition - See more at:
    Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones - Truth Edition - See more at:

    Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones - Truth Edition - Review


    The Answer Truth Edition is a dynamically driven IEM with a single 10mm driver; Dita Audio wanted to go for the simplest design in order to deliver the purest audio, according to their literature. Since balanced armature technology requires crossovers, multiple drivers and all the related gubbins, Dita went for the less complicated dynamic route. And why not? We've all been shown the power and finesse of the dynamic principle through Sennheiser's excellent IE800s - they can be every bit as detailed and impactful as any well put together BA based driver.

    Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones - Truth Edition

    Price - £599.95 HifiHeadphones rating - 9/10 Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones - Truth Edition New company Dita has made a splash lately with two significant IEMs; 'The Answer' and 'The Answer (Truth edition)' - the cable being 'The Truth'. ..and I thought telling lies could get complicated! If you forgot what the question was, it's something like 'what's the best IEM man can come up with'? I reckon this response is fitting. A benevolent deity has bestowed a pair of each model upon us and we have dutifully had a go; for this review I have stuck to the pricier 'Truth Edition' but for a quick impression of the non-Truth Dita, please scroll down to the 'verdict' part.


    • Well built with solid capsules
    • Weighted to lean into the ear - unlikely to fall out
    • Stout strong cable
    • Good range of eartips which can fine tune frequency response
    • Good extras - 2 quality travel cases included


    • Cable can be a little stiff but not too bad
    • Some might prefer a removeable cable

    Key Features

    The cable on the 'Truth Edition' is what gives the IEM its name; it is a Van Den Hul cable with whom Dita cooperated in order to get the best signal to the driver. The cable covering has a little window on it so the quality can be seen - it is certainly substantial. Other than that, there are no features other than the end product - the sound. Much like record players, the less you get on them as extras and gadgets, the better the sound will generally be. This is Dita's philosophy.

    First Impressions

    The build quality is the first thing to be noticed. These are not heavy or unweildy IEMs, but the impression I have is that they were designed to be used in a war of some kind, or by very careless people. The build quality is very solid.

    Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones - Truth Edition

    Sound Quality

    The Answer (Truth Edition) lives up to expectations for a premium IEM; detail is exceptional and there is plenty of space in the presentation whether things are busy or not; there's an effortless quality. Harmonics are not lost on these IEMs, everything is reproduced, and faithfully. Not to say that these Answer/Truths are neutral; they have a sound which is on the fun side but it is done with real adroitness. There's an analogue quality which reminds me of the Sennheiser IE800. Soundstage is generous and imaging is great; it all just hangs together and as per the marketing/literature, the strengths of the single dynamic driver design are right here. When comparing the two, the IE800 is just a little less forward which suits me. So if you feel that the IE800 is a bit laid back for you, try and dally with the 'Truth'!


    Given the quality of Dita's answers, we should be upping the quality of our questions. 'How much money have I got?' might be one such question. The 'Answer/Truth Edition' is not cheap, but the best things often aren't. Given the price, the phrase 'to be economical with the truth' may not be so accurate, but there are savings to be made by choosing the 'Non-Truth' version which is the same but for a little less detail and a slightly smoother presentation. A very close match for the IE800, and only two thirds of the price at £399.

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