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    Dita Dream Earphone Review

    Dita Dream

    Dita Audio Dream IEM Review

    The Dita Dream are a dream to listen to with well recorded lossless files, transparent and effortless, with an excellent soundstage to boot, a true TOTL IEM.

    Aesthetics, Build Quality and Accessories

    The Dita dream come in a very high quality white card box, lift off the top and the Dita Dream are held in a velvet coated foam insert. Lift this up and you will find another compartment with the accessories underneath. The Dream themselves are metal bodied, matte black IEM's which look great and feel like the premium product they are. The cable is very well built and comes with the Awesome plug, and interchangeable plug system that really is nifty. The overall look and feel of these is excellent and they ooze quality as well as being rather understated. The build quality of the Dita Dream is superb, the metal housing is sturdy yet relatively lightweight, the cable is thick and detachable, the Awesome plug is a system that allows you to change the plug from 3.5mm single ended to 2.5mm balanced, or many others that you can purchase separately. There is good strain relief throughout, and I see not issues arising from the build quality. Accessory wise you get a very nice leather pouch to store them in, and a plethora of tips. You get S, M and L in 3 types of silicone tips, one is wide bore soft stem, one is wide bore stiffer stem, and the last one has a blue stem and slightly stiffer outer silicone. Also included is a flight adaptor, so you get everything you need to get started.

    Dita Dream

    Comfort, Isolation, Cable Noise and Driver Flex

    The Dita Dream are a dream to wear, the shape of the housing is perfect and fits my small ears well, the angle of the nozzle means they don't protrude at and odd angle and you can achieve quite a deep fit with them. The cable to begin with is a little unruly and stiff, but I am sure it will soften up with some use. Isolation is very good, blocking out a large amount of outside noise, they are vented but this doesn't seem to affect the isolation much. Cable noise is minimal as it is routed behind your ear. Driver flex is present upon initial insertion, but is not a big problem.

    Dita Dream


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    Sound Quality

    • Bass
    The bass is incredibly punchy and the sub-bass response is truly impressive, extending right down into the sub-bass without any early roll-off. Listen to some rock and you can feel the kick drums, listen to some EDM and the lows are equally as happy being full and vibrant, yet never sounding out of control. I have not heard rumble like this, from any other IEM, yet it isn't over the top, the rumble only comes out when called for. The lows also do a good job at staying separate from the lower mids, not warming them up. I will also add the the layering and resolution down low is excellent.
    • Mids
    The midrange is delicate, and wonderfully detailed, you can really pick apart the recording with these, hearing every nuance. The midrange is very clean, having the tendency to be a little more on the analytical side. Here you can hear every pick of a guitar string, every breath a singer takes, very insightful but not fatiguing. There is no sibilance up top either, and during harmonies you can clearly tell where each singer is positioned.
    • Treble
    Not lacking in any way up top yet also not fatiguing, the highs are as good as the recording allows them to be. With well recorded music you will be presented with effortlessly extended highs that have excellent transparency and also air. Never fading to the back even during faster tracks, you can always hear the energy and detail up top.


    The soundstage is both deep and wide, with excellent imaging and they give you a real sense of the space in ambient and live recordings.

    Dita Dream


    The Dita Dream are a fun sounding IEM where everything is on a level playing field, nothing sticks out and nothing is missing. They are incredibly detailed, yet not analytical, however they do allow great insight into the recording should you want to analyse it. The space and air around each instrument is a highlight, and the transparency means you will definitely want to listen to better recorded lossless files on these. These have dynamics that mulitple BA designs cannot hope to match, they are a true TOTL dynamic driver IEM.

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