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    Do You Love Vinyl? Stylus Vinyl Show 2016

    Stylus Vinyl Show 2016

    Stylus Vinyl Show 2016 We're heading up to London this weekend for the Stylus Vinyl Show 2016. We have been asked to host the only dedicated headphone room at this years show. Taking the best of our range of headphones and amps from brands Audeze, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, OPPO, Grado, Mr Speakers and more - we will be offering visitors the chance to listen to some of the best headphones around with top of the range turntables and phono stages supplied by Vinyl Passion and Music First Audio. There will also be the chance to WIN a pair of Grado SR60e headphones especially for people attending the Stylus show. And to top it all off we will be showing off the new Audeze LCD-4. Don't miss out on this chance to hear possibly the best headphone money can buy! Here is a selection of headphones and amps that will be available to listen to:


    • LCD-4
    • LCD-3
    • LCD-XC
    • Deckard


    • T1 (2nd Gen)
    • T5P (2nd Gen)
    • A2


    • Sonorous X
    • Sonorous VI
    • Sonorous III
    • Sonorous II


    • SR80e
    • SR225e
    • SR325e

    Mr Speakers

    • Ether C
    • Ether


    • PM-1
    • PM-3
    • HA-1


    • HD800S
    • HDVD800
    • HD650
    Come along, say hi and bring your favourite records to hear them at their best!

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