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    DUNU DK-3001 Hybrid Quad Driver Earphone Review - Hybrid Theory

    Dunu DK-3001

    DUNU DK-3001 Hybrid Quad Driver IEM Review

    The Dunu DK-3001 is a detailed and well balanced IEM, lending it's hand to all genres and never becoming congested or peaky. A technical achiever that is also a lot of fun to listen to.


    • Overall balanced and detailed sound
    • Layering
    • Soundstage


    • Ergonomics
    • Treble may be borderline bright to some

    Dunu DK-3001

    Aesthetics, Build Quality and Accessories

    The Dunu DK-3001 are an interesting looking IEM, and very difficult to describe so it's best to look at the pictures. The stainless housing is low key in black, with Dunu laser etched onto the outside. The DK-3001 feel very well built, the stainless housing feels tough, the cables have very good strain relief and these use standard MMCX connectors so changing cables out is easy. I cannot find fault with the build, althought the MMCX connectors are extemly tight when first out of the box. Accessory wise, if you have bought Dunu before, you know they include a ton of extras, these are no exception. They come with a hard plastic case, cable clip, flight adaptor, 3.5mm to 6.3mm adaptor, 2.5mm TRRS balanced spare cable, a pair of Comply foam tips in M, Spinfit tips in SS, S, M and L, and two different types of silicone tips in S, M and L. Everything you need to get a good fit, and having a balanced cable is a big plus in my opinion, there is nothing missing with these.

    Dunu DK-3001

    Comfort, Isolation and Cable Noise

    Well the housing of the DK-3001 is subject to some comfort issues, as they are not the most ergonomic IEMs out there. However I did find these to be more comfortable than the Dunu DN-2002. There are some sharp edges on the housing that can cause some discomfort over prolonged periods of time for some people, but once I got a good fit I found them to be quite comfortable. On a personal note I dislike memory wire, so getting a good upgrade cable could be useful for some. Isolation is fairly average as these are vented, they don't block out much outside noise so are not the best for very noisy environments, but general commuting and use will be fine. Cable noise is not an issue with these.


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    • Bass
    The bass on these is dynamic and full, it is quick and nimble when needed yet comes out in full when called for. Bass guitar lines are superbly controlled and easy to follow, kick drums hit with punch and authority, but all in line with the rest of the sound. The bass is not dominating in any way, it is well behaved but extremely articulate and well layered. They extend right down into the sub-bass with ease, acoustic guitars have very real body and the bass never gets in the way of the mids.
    • Midrange
    The midrange is well detailed, the bass does not create additional warmth which allows the midrange to shine. I find the midrange to be quite smooth without huge peaks or dips, these is however slightly more presence in the upper mids. The don't however suffer from sibilance in the upper mids, and what is excellent is the amount of fine detail that can be extracted from the mids.
    • Treble
    The treble is crisp and clear, it has some added sparkle and presence and could be borderline bright for treble sensitive people. I find them to have excellent definition, extension and presence. The treble is not laid back, it is there allowing you to hear and distinguish every cymbal tap.
    • Soundstage
    The soundstage is quite wide and airy, these is plenty of space between instruments and the soundstage is accurate and not artificial sounding. Instrument separation is excellent, with everything being easy to pick out, even in fast and technical tracks.

    Dunu DK-3001


    The Dunu DK-3001 is a very well done hybrid IEM, the bass is dynamic and punchy, with excellent and realistic body. The midrange is well layered and very detailed, with and hint of smoothness to it. The highs are always present, yet not fatiguing. These work well with all genres, the bass is fun and energetic in EDM, and rock comes across with detail and layering. Jazz has a very natural tone, and they just take all genres in their stride, however their ability to control heavy metal is truly impressive.

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