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    DUNU Titan 1 Earphone Review

    DUNU Titan 1 Review - Probing Deep Space

    Dunu Titan 1 Earphone-


    • Good solid stainless steel construction
    • Good quality metal 90 degree jack
    • Sounds crisp, fun and wide
    • Branded pocket sized hard case


    • Can be worn down only, not over ear.

    Hifiheadphone Verdict

    An ideal solution for fans of the wide sound of open-backed headphones, but who require more isolation. The bass is tight and solid, providing thumping drive when needed. Details are excellent for a half open in ear headphone.


    Prolific in-ear maker Dunu-Topsound is back with more bad news for other manufacturers; the Titan 1. Perhaps taking inspiration from several similar designs which give a wider sound through porting, the Dunu Titan 1 headphones come with eartips which seal, and to great effect!

    Dunu Titan 1 -

    Key Features

    Eleven holes on each capsule housing allow any internal sound reflections to escape, making the audio feel clear, light and fast. A titanium coated diaphragm greatly improves treble on this open style in ear while a range of eartips provide a decent seal to give you deep insightful bass, plus the branded hard case will provide protection while also being a practical pocket size.

    First Impressions

    DUNU's designs are varied, and this one is a first for me - the impression when holding them is of luxury bathroom equipment. Maybe it's the solid stainless steel construction, or the smattering of tiny holes in the housing making it look like a shower head. They could have named this model 'Triton 1'. But there is nothing wet about these earphones, they just scream excellence.

    Dunu Titan 1 HEadphones-

    Sound Quality

    The Titan 1 seals very well in the ear, due to the design there's a limit to how deep in the ears the Titan 1 can be inserted. Bass is very well balanced and puts a weighty feel under everything, the midrange is clear and cohesive and treble is crisp and clean without causing problems with sibilance. There does appear to be a gap or dip between the low-mid and bass regions; this is not a problem where clarity in the midrange is concerned but might be missed by some. Soundstage is greatly enhanced by the design. One theory is that the energy coming through the holes in the housing (not through the eartip) is felt by the concha, or bowl of the ear. Just as in real life, when sound energy is focused by the ear into the ear canal, it creates a light sensation on that part of the ear which the Titan 1 design mimics with great success.


    Yet another triumph from DUNU-Topsound - the Titan 1 gives a very convincing spacious presentation while also isolating the wearer from outside noise. They have a fun sound signature which has a slight bass enhancement, without losing the detail or sparkle in your music tracks, so they never seem to lose their balance.

    Score 9/10

    Dunu Titan -

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