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    EarSonics SM3 v2 - New King of the triple drivers?

    Custom molded IEMs and pro monitoring specialists, EarSonics, are a French company making waves in the world of universal IEMs. The new EarSonics SM3 v2 is equipped with a triple balanced armature, three-way crossover design. Despite being a new name in the UK EarSonics have a huge following amoungst French musicians, audio engineers, and celebs who use EarSonics products on-stage, or while mixing or monitoring. The original SM3 was a little less slick looking but the version 2 has an ergonomically shaped body which sits comfortably in the ear and they are comfy to wear even for extended listening sessions. The SM3 v2 share the same long thin sound tube design of the Shure and Westone ranges. EarSonics uses a similar twisted cable on the SM3 v2 as most other pro IEM manufacturers use with custom IEMs, there is little cable noise and tangling is not a problem either. The cable is replaceable, an excellent lifeline for the more clumsy among us. The EarSonics SM3 v2 is very clean sounding with an impressively dark background. With their surprisingly wide soundstage, superb handle on detail and instrument separation they are without doubt one of the best IEMs currently available. They feel very lively without fatiguing the listener, very natural sounding for IEMs, which can suffer from unrealistic soundstage and movement within the stereo image. Bottom end is superb but the mids are very special – a hard to describe sound but they feel “right”. Comply foam tips, medium and large and double flanged silicone tips are accompanied by a small neat zip up case, a cleaning tool. There are also dual (SM2) and single (SM1) models from EarSonics as well.

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    For more information on the Earsonics Headphone range please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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